Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Well i went back to meetings last night and so glad i did. I walked in and the leader remembered me then the girl taking the money i realised was the girl who used to be the weigher at my old meeting when i lost 34 kilos...she was always so supportive so i took that as a good sign ! And so far very very good...had soy & linseed toast with vegemite for breakfast and lunch was 2 slices of soy & lin seed bread with chicken and a salad made of baby spinich leaves, a lil cheese, cherry tomatoes, parsley and cucumber was all very yummii. I have 15.5 points left...so a banana for my next snack and then my low fat carbonara recipe for dinner tonite..should all round out a good day.

I found out today i got selected for a forum...only 5 customer service reps are going and i am one of them...so yay me ! Its on the same day as I am going to see curves so should be a good day all round. Someone wanted the day off on sunday...so i did a shift swap (so i can get some double time money LOL) so i have thursday and saturday off this week.

Okies off i go back to work =]

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