Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well elloz all...things are good still....had a meeting at work and i had a bit of a treat...a marble cake from marcelinas mmmmmmmmmm i had a small slice and 3 fantales LOL but ive really been good apart from that and doing my 200 steps and 50 arm exercises per day so things are good. Yesterday my allergies were playing up something fierce my eyes didnt stop watering all day and were sore to buggery so spring is definitely coming.

Altho i went out today for a walk had to go buy a present for steve at work...and omg when i got back i was sweating and was only out for 20 minutes or so. When i got home i put the a/c on lol spring is certainly coming altho when i was out watering my plants today it was nice feeling the sun on my back. Next pay day i will have to buy some summer tops so i have something to wear in this hot weather that we are about to get.

Okies gonna go...nearly time to get back on the phones =]

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

woooooooooooo hooooooooooooo i lost 2.3 kilos today !!!! im ecstatic !!!! And ummm can barely remember gaining 200 grams last week LOL

i had really worked hard this week had been real good with my water was spot on 6 out of 7 days and i did my 200 steps each day. I am still doing the steps but this week as well the challenge is 50 per day arm movements. ummm you hold your arms out straight holding a can of food in each (2 x 535 grams of soup for me lol) and you take them out to the side. i can only do 25 at a time before my arms feel like dying.

And jeans that didnt fit me now do !!! Tried them on last nite before bed and so was pretty sure goin by them i had a solid loss. so im very very happy - takes me up to 6.4 kilos ive lost so yes got my 5 kilo bookmark

And on pay day i get $50 as my reward to buy a piece of jewellery (okies so it wont be diamonds lol) prolly a nice silver ring.

oh oh oh and i bought swimmers !!! They are a lil too small just yet but im sure by the time ive lost 10 kilos they will fit rather well...and then i will join the gym up the road and start doing aqua and things are going well.

Well gonna go do some more graphics stuff before work...have a good week all :)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

well happy saturday evening all =]

im at work but all is good. thursday one of the guys at work came in sick coughing and chit and we were in a meeting in a closed room and i thought oh here we go ill pick this up. And of course yesterday i felt flu-y. But i threw caution to the wind and took cold n flu tablets all day and stayed home...and today i feel completely fine,,,yay me. i also went to the docs..and he increased my metformin so im now on 2 tablets twice a day which was the dosage i was working up too.

Food wise ive been good i "feel" lighter maybe its my not sure but i feel much better. My food choices have been good too. Ive come to the conclusion packaged meals (like dolmio) are the best thing for me cos i get the right proportion size. I feel confident of a loss this week (scales pleaseeeeeeeeee dont let me down lol) Okies...back to work...have a good weekend all =]

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


well i didnt lose this week :( Actually not as bad as it seems lol. I put on 200 grams...but....i think its cos of living in the bathroom with those meds it caught up to i did have a few drinks and naughty things last week at the work function PLUS i started exerciseing and my losses always reduce when i start exercising.

So im not disinheartened or anything not like if i had a loss this week and i woulda been at goal weight lol...persistance

So as part of the biggest loser challange on the weight watchers forum i been doing 200 steps (on my yellow pages - the A-Z one !) and im feeling it LOL i am really starting to feel it in my calfs also after about 50 of them i start puffing so i can feel its a bit of a cardio work out so its all good.

But i am getting rid of those damn scales they were showing me i was this week i am gonna go get some that also measure body fat.

Oh jaxx the hot dog thing is just using a flat toaster....i toast the hit dog in it and the roll then put cheese on the roll....pop the dog in it and toast it for a few more minutes...soooooo yummy !

Sunday, August 20, 2006

isnt it amazing how when my weight loss is in control suddenly im thinking so much about my future and what i want out of life.

big thing i have been thinking about is work. i enjoy my job and work with great people but to be honest im not gonna do this in another 20 years. So i have been thinking about this. i have been working there for 5 years and currently work 4pm-midnite tuesday to saturday which those hours suit me but within the next 1-2 years this shift most likely wont exist and ill need to go on their rotating roster which i CANNOT do lol lawd it practically killed me last time. So the aim is around my 7 years (2008) that ill find another job and leave (and of course get my long service leave paid out heh heh) id like to do a job in a office that would be challenging and that id have responsibility (like it was in the bank) so i know i need some kinda i looked into it and yesterday i applied for 2007 a certificate in Justice Administration which means i could work for a para legal or in a law office. Its one year full i should be able to complete it within 2 years. And weight loss is all part of the plan =]

Weight loss is going hoping for a loss of 1 kilos...dunno if ill get that or not...but fingers crossed. I think soon im gonna buy a set of scales that also measure body fat as well..

Oh tania i cooked a low fat hot dog in my flat toaster on a hot dog bun like uve mentioned before and let me say it was a yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lunch !!!!

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone - ill be back tuesday :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

well hello all =]

Firstly thank you all for the comments =] so nice to hear from everyone and to see u posting airlie ! And before i forget i havent forgotten about the recipes tania

Things here are good. Yesterday we had a work function. Which i knew would be full of yummy food and drinks. On entry they gave us a pina colada (omg these are yummy!!!) then afterwards i had 1 1/2 glasses of anyone who knows about my love affair with champagne (and yes tania that does mean you!!) will know thats good for me. They also bought around nibblies and i had a few but i counteracted by having a small dinner. Plus i was standing non stop for over 2 hours and wandering around (and omg my feet killed me when i got home) lol they were so sore i couldnt even bring myself to sit at the computer.

Well decided my first goal...which is 10 kilos...i will draw $250 from the bank account and go shoppinggggggggggggggggggg and completely spend all the money on me...books...clothes...perfume...cds...dvds...whatever takes my fancy.

When i reach my first 5 kilos i will get $50 to spend on anything i like. And i think that will be a nice necklace.

And the ultimate goal for in 12 months 50 kilos...*gulp* and the reward is a trip to NY which would be the really saving now LOL

Not much else to say...hope all is doing good =]

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee well i lost yay yay. i lost 3.2 kilos so im very happy with that. And ive discoverred along with the diet coke sweetner 961 seems to make me sick too (ww uses it in their cakes of course !!!) Anyway its still trial and error. But yesterday i ate no sugar...late last nite i felt a bit woozy so had some cornflakes with sugar on it and then felt ok. But i didnt have cramping or anything so thats good. So things are really good. Bought the new contented tummy cookbook today and its got some yummy recipes in it.

Im also gonna buy a basket ball and just to go out in the courtyard and dribble with....10 minutes a day would be a good start and also a bike sooner or later.

All else is going today off (gotta love 3 day weekends) later im gonna relax and watch some more roseanne...i watched some last nite and laughed so much...literally outloud...fogot how funny that show was.'

okies back later in the week =]

Saturday, August 12, 2006

hoorah its saturday another 5 3/4 hours and im on a 3 day weekend *does a dance*

well the last few days have been a bit of a discovery. As i said i went on metformin (from now on to be known as met cos im lazy) i started it tuesday....thursday after eating dinner and a diet coke i got the worst stomach aches, same thing happened friday. So i did a bit of research and found pasta could do this with this medication as the medication is lowering my insulin levels. So today i thought ill try a day with no pasta and see how i go. So an hour ago i decided to have a yoghurt and a diet coke - and you guessed it sick again. So now the only common item is the diet coke, which is strange cos i can drink pepsi max with no problems. So will try the next few days with no diet coke - will be so glad if thats all that causes it. Tomorrow i will make the pasta bake out of the symply to good to be true books ill make it at lunch and see how that goes - so fingers crossed !!! So at the moment altho im at ww and weighing in im not religiously sticking to their diet plan. Basically cos these meds i have to make sure i eat regularly and enuff. Processed carbs really cause a issue with it but i like my pasta as all know i will restrict pasta. i also need to make sure i eat enuff as the meds lower my insulin if i dont eat enuff it can make you hypoglecemia so my diet is super important at the moment but as i go on ill work this all out i guess...trial and error.

Im pretty sure ive dropped at least a kilo going by my scales (altho theyre not known for being super reliant) so as i did lite n easy a week before i went back im not expecting a HUGE loss this week but ill be very happy if its around 1.5 we will wait and see.

i am considering doing the fun run (stop laughing). my team at work is talking about doing it - were all gonna walk it and prolly do half the run...its the city to bay so we will see what happens with that

okies till later - ill be back tuesday at the latest with my results

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well the good news is im back !! after the majority of 7 weeks of work with bronchitus and a recorrence of migraines things are back in full swing. in fact think ive found out why i get migraines and the blurred vision - and all goes back to my PCOS. So the doc has put me on some new medication for that - metaformin which i started taking yesterday and which he said will help with all pcos side effects as well as i rejoined ww yesterday too. And so far so good...altho of course early days.

My weight has got quite bad to the point my ankles hurt to walk and im in all stretchy clothes ugh...i put all but 1.1 kilos back ill adjust that in one moment on the main page.

Food wise in teh first 2 days have been fact saved a couple of points yesterday....till later in the week =]