Tuesday, August 15, 2006

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee well i lost yay yay. i lost 3.2 kilos so im very happy with that. And ive discoverred along with the diet coke sweetner 961 seems to make me sick too (ww uses it in their cakes of course !!!) Anyway its still trial and error. But yesterday i ate no sugar...late last nite i felt a bit woozy so had some cornflakes with sugar on it and then felt ok. But i didnt have cramping or anything so thats good. So things are really good. Bought the new contented tummy cookbook today and its got some yummy recipes in it.

Im also gonna buy a basket ball and just to go out in the courtyard and dribble with....10 minutes a day would be a good start and also a bike sooner or later.

All else is going good...got today off (gotta love 3 day weekends) later im gonna relax and watch some more roseanne...i watched some last nite and laughed so much...literally outloud...fogot how funny that show was.'

okies back later in the week =]


Tania said...

Fabulous loss Kazz ... well done! Are you going to Christina's meeting again? Would you mind emailing the names of some of the recipes, i've been thinking about buying it online but would like to know what recipes are in it first.

kazz said...

Hi tania i will email you someone of the recipe names tomorrow for you =] and no its not christina =[ her name is helen and shes very good too and tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy =]

airlie said...

heya - nice to see you back.not that i can talk i have been mia for awhile now. will catch up more often now i hope ; P

Hippygal said...

Great loss there girl!!!

Cheers jaxx