Saturday, August 12, 2006

hoorah its saturday another 5 3/4 hours and im on a 3 day weekend *does a dance*

well the last few days have been a bit of a discovery. As i said i went on metformin (from now on to be known as met cos im lazy) i started it tuesday....thursday after eating dinner and a diet coke i got the worst stomach aches, same thing happened friday. So i did a bit of research and found pasta could do this with this medication as the medication is lowering my insulin levels. So today i thought ill try a day with no pasta and see how i go. So an hour ago i decided to have a yoghurt and a diet coke - and you guessed it sick again. So now the only common item is the diet coke, which is strange cos i can drink pepsi max with no problems. So will try the next few days with no diet coke - will be so glad if thats all that causes it. Tomorrow i will make the pasta bake out of the symply to good to be true books ill make it at lunch and see how that goes - so fingers crossed !!! So at the moment altho im at ww and weighing in im not religiously sticking to their diet plan. Basically cos these meds i have to make sure i eat regularly and enuff. Processed carbs really cause a issue with it but i like my pasta as all know i will restrict pasta. i also need to make sure i eat enuff as the meds lower my insulin if i dont eat enuff it can make you hypoglecemia so my diet is super important at the moment but as i go on ill work this all out i guess...trial and error.

Im pretty sure ive dropped at least a kilo going by my scales (altho theyre not known for being super reliant) so as i did lite n easy a week before i went back im not expecting a HUGE loss this week but ill be very happy if its around 1.5 we will wait and see.

i am considering doing the fun run (stop laughing). my team at work is talking about doing it - were all gonna walk it and prolly do half the run...its the city to bay so we will see what happens with that

okies till later - ill be back tuesday at the latest with my results


Hippygal said...

LOL - had taken you of my favourites as I had given up on you posting ..... glad to see you back and have added you again :):).

Cheers Jaxx

kazz said...

o0o im back and this time this is it !!! Actually really have no choice, now im on these new meds lol nice to see your comments =] i hope things are good with u too...we should rattle the cages of those 130+ gurls at annes site lol