Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well the good news is im back !! after the majority of 7 weeks of work with bronchitus and a recorrence of migraines things are back in full swing. in fact think ive found out why i get migraines and the blurred vision - and all goes back to my PCOS. So the doc has put me on some new medication for that - metaformin which i started taking yesterday and which he said will help with all pcos side effects as well as i rejoined ww yesterday too. And so far so good...altho of course early days.

My weight has got quite bad to the point my ankles hurt to walk and im in all stretchy clothes ugh...i put all but 1.1 kilos back ill adjust that in one moment on the main page.

Food wise in teh first 2 days have been fact saved a couple of points yesterday....till later in the week =]

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