Tuesday, May 29, 2007

omg im sooooooooooo tired. I dunno whats going on with me except wondering if that bizarre lil bit in the roster last week really mucked up my body clock. I havenet been to the gym this week. And I have decided to get over this tiredness over the next few days and have a few sleep ins and then go back on saturday when I have a weigh in anyway and then i have the weekend off to relax too.

Went into the pink sofa chat room again last nite for a lil while after work which was very amusing...me and felicity sit in msn gossiping about everyone was very funny...the two of us being friends is expanding our network and we both agree that we are both very happy with a platonic friendship as well lets face it grrls...can come and go in ur life pretty quickly.

I will be glad for next week im working 8.30am-4.30pm so go to the gym after work then home to cook dinner,.....nice and civilised LOL And i think i may even try some classes at fernwood next week...a cardio one...i figure ill struggle to keep up but even so it should still be a good cardio work out.

oh and had my yearly report at work done last night and my old manager told me "you have the charisma and control to go far as a team leader" so that was a real lil bonus to be told

Okies i have to scoot off....got some training to attend byessssssssssssssss

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Phewwwwwwwwww what a busy weekend ! Saturday i worked till 5 pm and then of course i was going out that night to meet felicity who ive been chatting to online. I got home from work and felicity messaged me to say lou had said for us to go to the "goldens" dance, which is a lesbian dance held in Adelaide every few months. So after some discussion we decided to go there. Me n felicity met out front and were comfy with each other right from the start. We went in to the dance and found a table full of sofa grrls...and then lou came over...she gave me a hug then said "you dont look like your picture" i said is that good or bad? (i always thought the pic was very flattering) and she told me "you look better then your pic". And then basically i had some champagne and me and felicity chatted and perved (of course) for a few hours then lou came and dragged us on the dance floor and then we spend the next hour or so dancing. Was great fun. And at the end of the night was hugs all round. I heard from both feliity and lou today....lou called me gorgeous and felicity said i looked really pretty - heh thats good for the ego right? (never thought id hear anyone say im pretty lol) Me and felicity agreed we arent ever gonna have a romantic connection but i can see us becoming good friends and we are even starting to talk of flying over to melbourne for a weekend...so we will see what comes of that. I really really really need to post some pics....and i will soon...i promise !!! talk soon !

Saturday, May 26, 2007

YaY its saturday and im actually working but i have this evening off and tomorrow off...so wo0ot wooo tonight im meeting the girls from the pink sofa at the wheatsheaf hotel I doubt it will be a late nite as i was up at 7.30am this morning...and have been up before 6am the last two mornings too...but still looking forward to the nite. We've been debating whether to stay at the wheatsheaf hotel or there is a "girls" dance on tonite...so we may go there yet...i dont really care ... one fo the grrls who isnt going that i talked to said the dances are quite clicky so we will wait and see. I have drunk a litre of water already and will drink another litre before i go to limit any damage the champagne will do tonite ... im only pplanning on a couple of glasses tho.

Have decided next week to really get the overtime in. I can do 12 hours a week...which gives me...21 hours extra pay...for that week...if i do 24 hours over a fortnight i should get enuff to buy my new fridge without dipping into my bonus money which would be great. Im thinking about the next few months working around the gym really getting stuck into the overtime...so i can buy also a new lounge settings, bedroom suite and enuff for a nice holiday next febuary as my present to me for my 40th

Okies off i go...have a good saturday nite all !

Thursday, May 24, 2007

well hello allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!! Weighed in yesterday and wooo hooo lost another kilo...taking me to a total loss of 27.7 kilos...that 30 kilo is creeping closer and closer.

yesterday i went and got my hair cut...and its quite short now...and if i do say so myself ---- its cute !!! I also had my eye brows waxed wooooo hooooo

Saturday nite is the nite i go out and meet the girls from the pink sofa, so getting a tad nervous over that, but hopefully it will be a good night.

I finish work at 3.30pm today and then off to the gym...which is good should be all home and the gym done by 5pm. Not a lot else to say - have a good day all !

Monday, May 21, 2007

Well hellooooooooo all ! Things are going good at the moment...i have tomorrow and wednesday off. Tomorrow i have a PT session at 10am and wednesday i see my slim coach. As its only 4 days since i last weighed in and considering i went to a party saturday nite im not expecting a big loss...but certainly expecting a loss. The goal is to lose 500 grams ... so we will see.

Well developments on the pink sofa side of things LOL...as i said id been talking to a couple of girls. Both very nice and i cam imagine us all becoming friends (all 3 of us message each other) and i am meeting one of them saturday night at the wheatsheaf hotel...BUT ive started talking to another girl. And we really just seem to click...we chatted on msn for about 2 hours last nite...and it was very easy going and just flowed...so i kinda suspect if with anyone im really gonna click with her and she is going saturday night too. So...with luck all will go good. Wednesday I am going to get my hair cut and yes jody my eyebrows waxed too LOL...im actually starting to feel like a real normal girl...so YaY

OMG @ the rain last nite --- it bucketeddddddddd down...it woke me up it was so loud,,,okies gotta scoot.....bye alllllllllll

Sunday, May 20, 2007

"OMG you look great you are like half the size you were"

Omg is that a great compliment or what??? And its mineeeeeeeeeeeeeee alll mine !!!!!! LOL...okies lets go back a bit...went and weighed in yesterday and lost 1.8 kilos woooooooooo hooooooooooo i have now lost 26.7 kilos and am down to 144.2 *sniff* i can smell the 130's LOL...yesterday i went shopping...bought some new bras 0o0 la la nice and girlie ones with satin lil bows on em...i also bought a new top. I then went to Lynseys house for our get together...a friend picked me up and omg was such a fun nite...i was a lil bad foodwise but not too bad...sat around laughing so much...was great. So fat the weekends been really good...and the best thing is i only work monday and then i have another 2 days off wooo hoooo what a lucky gurlie i am...okies...off i go...i need to go buy cleaners for my lap top...so off to office works i go byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all !

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Welllllllll its a new week ! Im sooooooooooooo excited...this week feels like a huge major week...well firstly i have the weekend off ! lalalalal yay me ! Anyway saturday night im going to a work bbq/housewarming party..its at lynseys house and i think i will crash there overnight and i AM drinking...i know thats bad but its like foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr since i let go and really runamok so saturday nite is the nite !!!!

I bought some white 3/4 pants in january which came nowhere near to fitting me and TA-DA they fit me...now i need to buy some nice white undies for em LOL The following saturday nite there is a farewall for one of the grrls at the pink sofa and i am going to that too...oo la la look at me LOL...hopefully saturday nite ill take some photos too.

Off to the gym tomorrow...im really hopeful of a kilo loss this week...which would give me my 25 kilos,,,,will know on saturday...yesterday i did my whole meal plan for the following week including doing the shopping list...wat a prepared chicka i am..sooooooooooooo proud !

okies off i go ------------ enjoy all !

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Well hi there lovely people =] Went off to the gym today...saw amy my slim coach and weighed in and lost another 800 grams ! woo hoo so im now 146 kilos...im 100 grams of my 25 kilos and only 1.1 kilos to get under 145 kilos. part of the slimplicity plan is about meal planning...so on monday on my day off i will be sitting down with my symply too good to be true recipe books and working out which recipes can fit into each meal. You have to eat a certain amount of each food groups at different meals. Ill then set up a spreadsheet and do the meals for the week. I then went and did a workout...i was on the bike for 30 minutes (30 minutes and one second to be exact LOL) i burnt 167 calories and cycled for 12.3 kilometres...I was very impressed with that. Tomorrow i will have a day off then each weekday this week i will go everyday id really like to have a good solid loss next weekend to really cement im on a new path. Oh and the bike riding seems to be helping my heel a lil...im walking on the flat of my feet all the time now...of course still sore...but thats a improvement. My PT trainer said its cos the bike will work my calves which will strength those muscles.

A friend i met of the ww forum messaged me on msn last nite...she use to go tocurves too and shes like im not going to ww anymore...im like me either....well turns out she joined fernwood 2 days ago LOL...what a coincidence. She said shed never worked out as hard at curves as she has at fernwood...which cements my belief...and i really am convinced now fernwood was the right decision.

Next weekend i am going to a bbq/party... o0o la la...its at a friend from works house and theres about 20 of us going. Its down south but one of the guys is picking me up..ill take marinated chicken and have salad...but i think i will have a drink or two AND the weekend after i finsih work at 5pm on saturday nite then i meeting that girl ive been chatting to on the pink sofa at the wheatsheaf hotel...a bunch of girls from the pink sofa are going there for a farewell..so we thought that was a good idea...theres some bands playing there that nite...omg its like a social life LOL okies off i go...working today and doing a couple of hours of overtime so its gonna be a longgggggggggg day !

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well boy im tired LOL...today i went to the gym for my personal training session but turned up early (30 minutes early) so ended up doing 30 minutes of cardio before the PT session. I actually burnt over 150 calories on the bike and cycled over 10 kilometres yay me ! I will be weighing again on saturday so fingers crossed.

I have also made tentative to meet up with one of the grrls from the pink sofa on sunday 26th May. We have been trading messages for about 3 weeks...and she is looking just for friends which suits me. So hopefully we will catch up then...okies off to work i go...hi ho hi ho....its off to work i go............ (imagine the 7 dwarfs hehe)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Well boy o boy was yesterday a good day ! I went to the gym to weigh in, for my first "official" slimplicity session...now since i went on saturday i made some changes. I stopped having 2 slices of toast at breakfast and had one with fruit. And i exchanged my muesli bar for cruskits on some of the days. I upped the water. And ate more fruit...and of course in those 4 days i had been to the gym twice. Well...on saturday on their scales i was 151 kilos...tuesday nite i was 146.8 ! LOL i know a big part of it is doing the cardio...cos ive never really done it. Curves is more the hydraulic weights then cardio. And when doing the cardio ive been making sure my heart rate stays over 110 (its been over 135 a lot of the time) So i am now convinced for me fernwood was the right decision. Today im having a recoup day lol...tomorrow is my PT session and then i am working 8 out of 9 days...so i deserve this rest dammit ! LOL Okies off i go byesssssssssssssssssssssssss

Monday, May 07, 2007

wow been some busy busy days ! Saturday i went to the gym and then worked till 8pm...then sunday morning i was back at work at 7.30am. After work yesterday i then went to mums to visit with my sis and the kids...which was great fun. This morning i got up at 9am went to the gym and now at work. But the next two days i am off woooooooo hoooooooo...tomorrow i am going to try a body balance class find my inner harmony and all that jazz lol

One of the grrls off pink sofa asked me about meeting up at wheatie hotel this friday nite but unfortunately im working...but she was telling me...me, her and another grrl shes been chatting with would get along good. So i messaged the other grrl today and hopefully soon we mite be able to all meet up.

I feel like the gym is working im noticing my 3/4 jeans are sitting on my hips not my waist...so thats a good sign. YaY.

Okies off i go have a good day all !

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Well im in pain ! OMG ! my chest, arms arm pits, butt, thighs, inner thighs all hurtttttttttt...ive been to the gym 3 days running....tomorrow i will have off but ill be back in on monday. Today i managed 29 minutes on the bike at level 3 doing the fat burner program. So i was pretty impressed with that. But i wanna build that up to 40 minutes. I ahd my intro simplicity session today...i was really impressed...the focus is more on making sure im eating all my food groups...i went thru my eating and she told me...less carbs more fruit n vegetables (no real surprise there LOL) but also gave me suggestions for ways to do this. Anyway i signed up to start slimplicity officially on tuesday...but the next 3 days i ahve to record in a diary what i eat and they will look at it on thursday. I also weighed in on their scales...151 kilos *ugh* but im not overly bothered...ive been bad the last week or two and we had pizza at mums last nite plus its different scales...i am hoping she will weigh me again tuesday altho that will be in the evening so we will see what i weigh then. But at least i know where i am and what i have to do...okies...off to do some work ciaooooooooooooooooooo

Friday, May 04, 2007

Phew what a day ! Woke up late-ish and went to the gym...i last 10 minutes on the bike and it KILLED my butt...i then did 7 1/2 minutes on the rower. It was a bit short but i was aching from the day before and my butt was really sore...so off i went to rebel sport to buy a gel seat for the bike lol hopefully tomorrow wont hurt as much ! I then went grocery shopping and bought lots and lots of fresh fruit n vegetables...the this afternoon/evening spent it with my sister and her family. Which was a lot of fun (and in the process learn all the different characters in dora the explorer lol) Tomorrow is truly D day. Me and my friend Claudia who both weigh similar weights are weighing in tomorrow and gonna bust our butts to get to 110 kilos by xmas. I will see the slimplicity lady at fernwood tomorrow...weight in and then get moving to hopefully a good loss this week...i really need that weigh in and that accountability...i know i havent been so good foodwise this week...but that changes as off tomorrow ! Okies its late...im tired and have a relatively early mornign tomorrow - take care all !

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Okies i been thinking...are we defined by the decade of age we are? i think i already mentioned im turning 40 this year. Its weird ive suddenly seen a few things about 40 year olds thats made me stop n think. Was watching a old episode of all saints the other nite and this guy was fainting and having chest pains and he told them he was 40 years old and they were deciding what course of treatment...and at 40 they said he was at the border of whether diet n exercise would be enuff to help him...after 40 u needed surgery...i watched it and thought eeeeeeeeeeeeeep ! Then in one of the glossy womens mags i read about a guy who died of a heart attack at 41. So you know i been battling my weight seriously since my early 20's and its always been a case of in my head ill resolve this before it becomes a health issue. But of course now as i am going to be 40 years old (eek) there is really no second chance...its simply a case of gotta do it this time ! But in a lot of ways i wanna turn 40 and i only really realised it today. Yanno...in my 20's i led the good life...had a good bunch of friends and was going out a lot. Then in my 30's i went thru the process of coming out, i isolated myself and got to my highest weight ever. Now so the next day i have decided is MY time. I am going to be damn well down to 110 kilos and i am going to be meeting people and dating (oh the poor lesbians of adelaide LOL) so the next 7 months is really busting my butt. I am determined to start my new decade on a high.

I went to the gym today and did a PT session and lemme say my arms ACHE lol already ! They feel really tired and are aching...but it was good. The trainer is really nice and she is gonna work out a plan so that i know every day i go in there what i need to do. So im not going blindly. I then did a fitness test and on the rowing maching i rowed 858 metres on intensity level 8 which the grrl seemed to think was rather good.

Okies off i go for a nice hot shower to soak these muscles !

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

okies a super quick post just to confirm something lol...im definitely a chick...lol...a pink princess no less lol and i am also a lesbian....yes black sheep of society lol...but no its all good...just wanted to clear that up. Okies one shift and im on a weekend...off i go to start my day all ! byessssssssssssssssssss

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Well i think i hurt my heel/instep more yesterday and not via the gym lol i was getting on the bus and the stoopid driver parked like half a metre from the curb and when i stepped up i think i overstretched the instep...so i have made a appointment with a physiotherapist for tuesday. The grrl from the gym told me yesterday they would prolly strap it and i prolly need some scans done on it which the physio can do.

Yesterday Livy asked where i get my motivation...so ill explain cos i think im getitng new readers who may not know my past.About 4 years ago i lost 23 kilos...went from 153 kilos to 130 kilos...had a girlfriend at the time all was great. But then we split up...i suffered depression and gained not just that weight but 40 kilos...till i reached 170.9 kilos. In the last year before i started ww when i was at my 170 kilos my life had really deteriated. I was falling over a lot...as if my balane was affected and had one bad fall where i tore ligaments in my ankle..i had exceessive fluid retention in my feet and calves, when catching a bus i always had to make sure i had my ticket before hand cos i didnt fit thru the section where you went to buy the ticket...when going to team meetings at work i couldnt fit into the chairs...had to sit on the very edge of em...which when u gotta sit there fro a hour is uncomfortable as crap...i was getting viruses every few weeks and last april/june i was off work for 7 weeks with bronchitis...i truly had no life....oh at the time i thought i was happy...had work and lived in a chat room when not at work...when i was sick...and work was taken from me the only thing i had was the chatroom...and i lived in it 24/7, my mum gets bad asthma/bronchitis so i couldnt be around her...and to be honest in the past year i had isolated myself...so it was me and the computer. But also having so much time on my hands suddenly left me to do lots of thinking...i started thinking about a lot...and i started to realise if i didnt do something soon i would be bound to the house and pretty much a invalid. So i got over the bronchitis and a few weeks later joined weight watchers. Its been a slow process not just the weight loss but the changing in my lifestyle. I had so many factors which made my life unhealthy...one clearly was a addiction to chat rooms which was only assisted by me work evenings...as i was able to be online when all the americans were. So a few months after i started at weight watchers the option of working evenings every week was taken from me when work changed the way our rosters were going to work...and suddenly i was on a rotating roster. It still meant some weeks i worked evenings but most weeks i worked days, which allowed me to be a lil normal. Have my evenings free and cook a nice dinner (was nice to get away from microwave meals LOL) and to ahve time in my evenings to watch tv. Now to most people watching tv is unhealthy too,,,,but it was removing me from chat rooms so i knew it was a good step for me. Then over the last 9 months lil bit by lil bit my lifestyle has changed. About 3 months ago i re-discoverred that i love reading...so im back to reading for half an hour or so before bed. (no more staying online till i can barely hold my eyes open) so as ive slowly seen my life change for the better...the better it gets the more im determined it wont go back to where it was. I have never before eaten healthy for 9 months running. Now i dunno about my motivation levels as i know lots on the ww forum more motivated then me...BUT anyone who knows me knows im stubborn with a captital S...and when i decide on something i dont usually change my mind (if jody reads this she will be laughing as she often tells me im the most stubborn person shes ever known) So gradually over the last 9 months ive started to get up earlier and take more advantage of the day. Initially when the gym suggested the 7am time slot for yesterdays orientation session i was like no no no...but later when i thought about it there was no reason not too...i was working till 8pm the nite before but i knew as long as i was in bed by 10.30pm id be fine - and i was. When i was with my ex Ang i weighed 130 kilos....when i started this journey 9 months ago i was 40 kilos away from it...seemed like forever away...now im only 15-16 kilos from being 130 kilos...its an awesome feeling to think how close to a certain level of normality i will be. But each week whether i lose weight or not i am getting closer....its really not just about weight for me altho thats a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee factor...its also about getting me back....and not getting to a point in my life when im old with regrets that i did not really live my life cos of my weight...so i dont want people to think im some superhero with huge motivation levels that i dug up or something LOL im not...im just a stubborn ass....and i refuse to give up...even if i have a bad week every now and then...i may stumble but i sure as hell refuse to fall over and stay over...and btw thank you for the comments i always LOVEEEEEEEEEE reading them...okies over n out all LOL