Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well boy im tired i went to the gym for my personal training session but turned up early (30 minutes early) so ended up doing 30 minutes of cardio before the PT session. I actually burnt over 150 calories on the bike and cycled over 10 kilometres yay me ! I will be weighing again on saturday so fingers crossed.

I have also made tentative to meet up with one of the grrls from the pink sofa on sunday 26th May. We have been trading messages for about 3 weeks...and she is looking just for friends which suits me. So hopefully we will catch up then...okies off to work i go...hi ho hi ho....its off to work i go............ (imagine the 7 dwarfs hehe)

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Anonymous said...

How do you go to work so cheery!! And hurray for doing some extra work before you met with the trainer!