Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Well boy o boy was yesterday a good day ! I went to the gym to weigh in, for my first "official" slimplicity since i went on saturday i made some changes. I stopped having 2 slices of toast at breakfast and had one with fruit. And i exchanged my muesli bar for cruskits on some of the days. I upped the water. And ate more fruit...and of course in those 4 days i had been to the gym twice. Well...on saturday on their scales i was 151 kilos...tuesday nite i was 146.8 ! LOL i know a big part of it is doing the cardio...cos ive never really done it. Curves is more the hydraulic weights then cardio. And when doing the cardio ive been making sure my heart rate stays over 110 (its been over 135 a lot of the time) So i am now convinced for me fernwood was the right decision. Today im having a recoup day lol...tomorrow is my PT session and then i am working 8 out of 9 i deserve this rest dammit ! LOL Okies off i go byesssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Tania said...

Well done Kazz - keep things up the way you're going and you'll blitz that 110kg goal by the end of the year.