Monday, May 07, 2007

wow been some busy busy days ! Saturday i went to the gym and then worked till 8pm...then sunday morning i was back at work at 7.30am. After work yesterday i then went to mums to visit with my sis and the kids...which was great fun. This morning i got up at 9am went to the gym and now at work. But the next two days i am off woooooooo hoooooooo...tomorrow i am going to try a body balance class find my inner harmony and all that jazz lol

One of the grrls off pink sofa asked me about meeting up at wheatie hotel this friday nite but unfortunately im working...but she was telling, her and another grrl shes been chatting with would get along good. So i messaged the other grrl today and hopefully soon we mite be able to all meet up.

I feel like the gym is working im noticing my 3/4 jeans are sitting on my hips not my thats a good sign. YaY.

Okies off i go have a good day all !

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Whoever I want to be said...

Just popping in to say Hi and you are doing awesome...