Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday July 31

Went to the gym last nite and me and fiona did some more work on the "wellness plan" and it was really quite interesting. Basically i had to answer some questions on nutrition and fitness...questions like what could i do to improve this, how would my life improve if i made these changes, what will happen if i dont make these changes, how will it affect people around me etc etc. Anyway i guess it was interesting cos fiona knows me fairly well i guess but on a surface level so she found out more about my insecurities etc but she also gave feedback on different things. We were discussing how i dont follow thru with things, and i have always had this issue. I remember when i was a kid...about 11 i was entering this ballet eisteddford...for a solo...had worked with my ballet teacher for months on it (so lets not mention the cost of private lessons) my mum stayed up the night before late sewing and fixing the tutu i was gonna wear ... i woke up the next morning and said...nope not gonna go...that tutu never got worn. And thats continued all thru my life whether holidays, diet plans, reading a book whatever. As fiona pointed out tho...12 months ago when i was training with teri i quit the gym and stayed away for several months...ive since had a few "meltdowns" (fionas words lol) but the last one i corrected myself within 24 hours not stopping the gym so she was like u need to look at what u have done. She also thinks my biggest issues is how i think/feel others percieve me. It also highlighted some other things which i knew in my brain that i wanted but prolly hadnt vocalised...and that was eventually wanting to play netball again and take tennis lessons be able to go bushwalking...and to feel confident enough to do bloody classes at the gym LOL so these things will prolly become some of the goals.

All else food is on weighing in tonite and hoping for a loss around 2 fingers crossed people ! All else is i go

Jody - hope all goes ok in arkansas :(

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday July 30

Man its been a crazy morning. We have been flat chat this morning altho this afternoon seems a lot better ... thank gawd.

I was spot on with my food again yesterday YAY. WW rang me this morning and said how are you going i said good...are you happy...yes LOL see u tomorrow nite haha. I am not expecting a huge loss tomorrow nite...but would like around the 2 kilos mark.

Tonite i am off to the PT with fiona...think we are working on the wellness program thing.

I have sat down and worked out some budgeting plans for the trip...all quite do able...and the way ive worked it out i should up with ample spending money so now time to knuckle down and save, and get my tax done cos im due a refund of at least $500 (ive done it but dont have a printer so need to obtain a printer to print the sucker)

Not much else to say...enjoy all!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday July 29

Well back to the grindstone today blah! I managed to swap 3 shifts next week to i have a dinner one nite and a podiatrist appointment another so that all works out rather well.

Today I am wearing my new top...the top i bought from katies last week...and ive been called skinny! lol im obciously far from skinny but i did get told that it really makes it obvious how much weight ive lost so mite have to take a pic of me in it.

Food wise i was .5 points under another superb day food wise. My thighs are very sore today lol...bloody squats!

And of course im now having to turn into a money saving machine lol...with the trip...but its so exciting and i think will be so motivating having something big like this to focus on!

Okies off i go...enjoy all!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday July 28

Well things sure are looking up ! Woke up this morning with sore bloody inner thighs...went to the gym complained to fiona (didnt help much as she was sore from her own training yesterday lol) and we did strength training so more bloody crazy squats so im thinking ill have VERY sore thighs tomorrow. Foodwise spot on again! For lunch today i made a spinach and cheese quiche...4.5 points per serve...was so delicious...its definitely one ill be making again and thats what lunch will be the rest of this bloody sandwiches lol. I am having a lovely relaxing afternoon. When i went to the gym today told fiona wat the podiatrist said...when i go back she wants me to ask about any exercises he would like her to have me doing...or not doing...she said since im there so much she will try and incorporate it in my program.

And some big decisions have been made (well one big decision) have decided i am going to america next year....and more specifically New Mexico. I have been thinking about it for a while but had to talk to Jody about it (she lives in NM) and we briefly had a chat today....and so prolly august/september or october...i have to chat more to jody for what time of year works best for her and which month is also the best to visit NM with stuff on etc. I will prolly be taking about a month off and hope to be over there for about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks. All very exciting ! And what a great motivation it will be...sitting my fat ass in those plane seats for a 24 or so hour flight LOL

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27

Well its been a pretty eventful day! Last nite i had dramas with my neighbours...10pm at nite the guy goes outside and makes a phone call which lasted well over 30 minutes and hes LOUD after 30 minutes i turned the tv on and turned it on LOUD *hehe* i did finally fall asleep...but i musta been getting rid of fluid as i woke about 4 times during the nite. Anyway woke this morning...did a quick jump on the scales and am looking at a lovely loss ! Then i made a scramled egg on grain toast and took off to the gym. We did boxing and giona was rather impressed...said i musta had my wheaties cos i had lots of pep lol I then came home...did feel rather tired this afternoon which i think is the whole iron thing which seems crazy to me as i have eaten red meat every day the last 3 days,,,friday nite i even had beef which i very rarely ever eat. Anyway then this afternoon headed of to the podiatrist....and he said quite a lot about my feet ! lol Apparantly my calf muscles are very tight which is contributing to the plantar fastisis and also partly contributing to my feet becoming flat. So he has given me exercises for my calf muscles and i have to ice my feet each nite. He then strapped my foot in the position that my foot would sit in if i end up getting orthotics...(which is gonna be fun showering with the bloody thing)...anyway i have to leave it strapped for 3 days,,,,and tomorrow at the gym i have to give the treadmill a go and see if my foot flares up as much as normal. I then go back to the podiatrists in a week and they will make some decisions from there.

Another spectacular food day GO ME!!!

Okies off i go,,,,,enjoy all !

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday July 26

Back at work again today...roll on 4.30pm then i have 2 days off YAY. I stopped at mcdonalds for breakfast this morning planning to get their raisin toast...but they dont sell it no more :( so i got a egg and bacon roll - eek 9.5 points later ! LOL So think it mite be just a baked potato or something for dinner tonite.

Tomorrow i have PT at 10.30am and then the podiatrist appointment in the afternoon. Which means i get to sleep in! YAY...can sleep in as late as watch me wake up bright and early! And super good viewing tonite .... arena has the start of the final series of gilmore girls starting tonite and also the final friends episodes is on tonite...think they are both at the same the iq may be kept busy.

Not a lot else going on...and i am at work to i just may do some lol...enjoy all =]

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday July 25

Well must say i am one happy girl...and thats saying a lot since i worked this weekend ! One more day and i have a few days off. I just got some good so excited about it its not funny...but im not allowed to say anything yet so ill shut my gob...its really someone elses news but makes me so dayam happy its not funny. Foodwise yet another perfect day ! I am cooking some pasta as i speak...dry frying some light salami and roasting some cherry tomatos...gonna mix it all together was a recipe i saw on oprah...cant wait to eat it yum yum ! Actually just ate it and it was yummi definitely a meal to have again...and so quick and easy to make. I love being back on track...i have 2 points will have something later tonite.

My thighs and shoulders are still sore...thanks to ms fiona....looking forward to getting stuck back into the gym this week. Its amazing the difference in "me" when im on just a happy happy girl. And i am totally lovinggggggggggggggg 111 hits on foxtel...omg so a sitcom fiend so it suits me down to the ground!

Anyway i am off for a shower and then settle down to watch some tv before having a early nite...gotta work again tomorrow...enjoy ur saturday nite all!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm very impressed with me! I am spot on with my points for the day (even had beef in black bean sauce for dinner yumyum) and have showered cleaned my teeth so im not tempted to eat again....lalalala!!! i feel completely positive i will have a spot on week. Went to katies after work and bought a new top...really cute but i got it a fraction small...hopefully in a few weeks time it will fit me nicely.

I made a appointment today with a podiatrist to get my heel sorted out i am pretty sure they will say i have to have inserts for my shoes made...i am going to a podiatrist medibank has a contract with which means the appointment will cost me $31 at the most (considering the first one i rang who wasnt on a contract with medibank was gonna cos me $61 thats a huge improvement)

Okies off to watch friends followed by a early nite as i have to work in the morning

Friday July 24

ugh everytime im cold my nose starts running like a tap...considering i told the boys im "super flu girl" this week ever since i started my healthy eating this is not good ! But in the tradition of all super not allowing the sniffles to get to me yet hehe

So yesterday i had a plumber and foxtel guy come in - omg men are pigs ! The foxtel guy had mud on his shoes and the plumbler left my bathroom in a bloody mess...AND he was like im gonna put new taps on im like...kewl...well he changed the bloody shower head and so i have no water pressure hardly now :( but of course the good news is i have foxtel now...YAY was fab sitting down last nite and watching 3 episodes in a row of friends ! lol

Gymmed it last nite. Fiona was kicking my ass...anyway she asked i like to go shopping for clothes since i have lost weight...i was like hmmm for tops yes...for jeans etc no...and it got me thinking....i have barely been going out lately...and with not going out i dont need to go shopping for new jeans...i can get by with the baggy pants i wear. But if going out id need to go buy jeans...i dont even know what size i am these days...size 26 is too big im prolly size 24 but must admit theres a part of me doesnt want to buy anymore jeans till i am at least a size 22 and i am pretty sure im not quite there yet. But maybe we will just have to bite the bullet. I do have a few social functions in august so i may just have to go shopping and with that the katies in rundle mall has been closed for several weeks while its been refit...and it reopens today and when i went past last nite it had a sign saying 30% off everything till sunday so may have to go looking tonite, because of course i am off to ww tonite and i am praying with all my discgusting eating i havent put on more then 2 kilos...okies off i go...enjoy ur friday all !

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OMG so sad...apparantly Jillian isnt doing her radio show anymore...i just quickly went and downloaded all her radio shows back to december so i have some back up to listen too LOL

I am starting to feel so refocussed....when i went back to ww 2 weeks ago...i went to the meeting and then went to where? Ummmm pancake kitchen! no wonder i didnt get anywhere fast! I am gonna call myers tomorrow and try and get in for a 6pm session on friday nite...and i am getting back on track effective friday more screwing around. I also wanna start focussing on using the x-trainer...i prolly will be lucky to last 5 minutes...but im gonna start working on that...hopefully i dont hurt my neck again! Tomorrow i am off...i am having foxtel installed in the morning and also a plumber is coming to fix some dripping taps. If that is all done early enough i will text fiona to see if i can get a earlier session. I then work 3 days then have monday and tuesday planning to redo the edible garden on one of those days...and if a day is nice....i mite venture and go to the zoo or point sitting at home when if its a nice day i could be out enjoying it. Not much else to to cook spaghetti....enjoy all

Drop The Drama

I went to the gym a few nites ago...and me and fiona started to work on the "wellness plan" we havent got too far into it so far...basically grading different parts of my life out of a score of 10 and then writing a few lines on each of those as to why i graded things that way. The different categories were like diet, fitness, energy levels, stress levels, self confidence etc. Most the things i gave myself around a 5 (altho energy was 7! :)) I have to finish writing that up for next weeks i have homework lol. But i was listening to Jillian this morning...and she said something that clicked with me...she was giving this great analogy to do with her dog and her contestants...anyway she was saying..."just drop the drama" the anger does nothing to assist you...except cause u issues...and shes right...i have known exactly what has stuffed things up for me lately and has been angered and really done myself no i am going to focus on some relaxing...and not give anything "bad" too much thought over the next few weeks. And that said...i think its back to ww this week. Also my gym times are going to change....fiona is getting rid of her tuesday evening sessions. So i will be changing to monday, thursday and saturdays. The good thing is tuesdays is prolly the best nite of classes at the gym...they have swiss ball class, studio cycle and body pump. So depending what shift i am doing i will prolly keep going on tuesday nites...and do one of those classes.

I think tho i am ready to go back to ww and back to the healthy lifestyle...its not a big dramatic change....its just time to get back into things...its what i today i will ring ww and make a time for friday nite. Not a lot else to say.. ;)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Well more thinking lol just for something new. Some wise person (that would be Jo lol) made a comment to me yesterday that i always do better when at the gym. My eating still sucks...i dunno every day around 4-5pm i lose the texted fiona today said im not gonna suspend my membership and i will be in tomorrow nite. I also asked her if we can start the goal setting stuff this will start that thursday hopefully. I am gonna tell fiona i just seem to have lost the plot....lost my focus....and its not that i dont want to get back on track i do. I can pretty much already guess what fiona will say lol regardless of if i am losing weight or not....coming to the gym...makes me happier and helps me so to keep at it.

The disturbing thing is i was reading my journal back from mid 2007 i am only 10 or so kilos lighter then i was back 2 years thats all ive managed...which is crap if you want my personal opinion.

Okies off i go...gonna make vegetable soup tonite...lets hope i follow thru with that

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday July 19

This alarm was due to go off at 6.10am...i woke up a lil earlier to the delight of my bloody neighbours arguing. Anyway i got up and showered and getting dressed...and i could hear a car out the front with the engine running...i was thinking chit the taxi is early ... did i order it for 6am instead of 6.30am? Anyway thought bugger it ... it can i get dressed run down stairs grab my lunch the front door...its not my taxi...its my bloody neighbours at 6am packing stuff into a the hell is doing chit like that at 6am on a sunday morning???

Foodwise all good so far...have eaten 12.5 points...have another 12.5 points for the day to go. Gonna make a big batch of vegetable soup tonite for lunch for the next few days. I also managed to do some shift swaps so i dont start work till 9am for the next 3 days...YAY can catch up on sleep.

Work is kinda quiet this afternoon....only another 2 hours and i head home and for once looks like a rather nice day outside. I bought michelle bridges book into work today so been reading it between calls :)

Off i go!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday July 18

Well yes I wasnt suppose to be back here till next month was I? Mostly i wanted to let everyone know i am fine no need to worry. I am still taking the antidepressents and i am all okay. But i prolly havent been for the last 6 weeks or so...i have been very up and down...and not for any reason except i have had something going on which has taken my focus off me and my weight loss. I am not gonna go into it all but most who read my journal regularly can prolly gather what the issue has been...its time for me to stop preaching and actually practice what i preach. I constantly say as adults we choose who we allow into our lives...and we all make decisions which we have to live with the consequences off. No decision someone has made in the past or their actions can TRULY impact my life unless i allow it. We all have chit crop up at times but its how we deal with it. Well its time for my focus back onto me...not others. My life is pretty a niece and 2 nephews who i adore...great sister and bro in law...have a nice bunch of no longer slowly heading towards a visit to a cardiac unit...i am getting more active as time goes on...healthier and slimmer. Its time to keep moving forward. I rang di at ww yesterday...told her about the metfromin (i finally feel thats going out of my system) and cancelled yesterdays appointment but this week i will rebook in for friday nite. Today i am not counting points...instead going to do a couple of days of just eating well...not scoffing everything in my line of sight. Tomorrow i will start on the water as well. I emailed the gym and suspended my membership till august 27 which i will leave that as is...its too cold, wet and windy to go to the gym at the not enjoying it...and we all know exercising at home is more then possible. So will continue with the EA active 30 day program so as to keep the exercise up....bottom line i need to settle down and just stick to my points...simple philosophy really isnt it? Giving up is not a option but maybe a breather is a option. I am going to back to simplicity and focus on just two points and water for this week. Then i will slowly reintroduce exercise and then by august 27 which is only a few days before spring i will jump back into the gym...hopefully feeling very refreshed.

I forget what else i said about the inspection i had of my unit on thursday. I made a lil complaint about the neighbours and how the light shines in etc when they park out the front into my bedroom window. So the landlord said go ahead and organise for a curtain rod and bracket to be installed and the landlord will pay for it so when i get my tax refund back i will get that organised. She also mentioned about getting a vanity unit installed in the bathroom and getting rid of the crappy sink and lil medicine cabinet on the wall...and of course i get foxtel installed on thursday morning. The foxtel being installed shouldnt take long cos i think it may have been previosuly installed at the premises YAY and the best thing is its cable... which means i get channel 7,9 and 10 thru it and means i record channels on these shows with the iq...i couldnt do that when i had it before cos it was on now when biggest loser is on 10pm on a sunday nite i can record it and still get my sleep YAY.

Today is the first saturday for about 3 months that i have worked...whilst the money is good working on weekends im not a fan of them by any stretch of the imagination. But i have 90 minutes left and then i am out of here. Tonite i am planning on spaghetti bolognaise for dinner followed by some stewed apples and cream...yum yum. I also have some of beverley hills 90210 series 6 to watch as well...i watched one episode last nite and have another 4 to watch tonite YAY

I think some other things i need to do is buy some new clothes...for some reason i have got slack about them and really am wearing sacks instead of loving wearing smaller over the next few weeks ill go buy some...the other thing i need to do is start to plan a holiday...i always put that off cos im single....and its not that exciting planning a holiday by yourself...i'd love to go on a cruise or something but again prolly wouldnt by myself...which leads me to a small holiday in january to like sydney or somewhere...i think having a goal and a focus would help me its something i need to give some thought too.

Friday, July 17, 2009

On A Break

I have decided to take a break from all weight loss things...including my Journal...I will be back around August 27 to get back into things.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday July 16

WOW starting to feel like myself again and it is great :) Im not drinking non stop or craving carb foods today...(i took my last dose of the medication monday nite so its obviously starting to get out of my system)

Had my inspection this morning. Inspection was at 11am and 9am i still hadnt started to tidy! lol but was all fine...actually i get on fab with the land agent....she is going to talk to the landlord about installing a new vanity unit in the bathroom and also cos of the light from the neighbours coming in the unit they have told me if i organise a curtain rod to be installed they will pay for it. So i think when i get my tax back i mite get some proper curtains made with sun block on them which should help. The place is all lovely and tidy and organised, i love the way i have my lounge room now...the sun is coming into it today - just lovely !

Tonite i have PT with fiona...i still have a sore eye from the migraine so gonna suggest we do weights instead of boxing. Tomorrow i think i mite go in and do body pump...ive been avoiding classes..but i really need to start doing some. Tomorrow i am planning to make some blueberry muffins...just gotta buy a new muffin tray. I am getting so excited about foxtel being installed next week...cannot wait ! How exciting. Okies well ready steady cook is on....gonna sit down and watch it...enjoy all !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday July 15

So finally some good news! Last nite i got a migraine...which was very painful this morning. Not so bad now...mostly only when i reach down or move my head suddenly does it really hurt. Anyway when i saw fiona last nite she suggested that cos the last dizzy spell was so severe she thought i should be talking to the doc about it. So when i went to the docs today told him about the dizzy spells, drowsyness, carb cravings and being so thirsty. And he has agreed i can stop taking i told glucose levels are perfect theres no logical reason apart from "she has PCOS" to take the blasted medication....ive also struggled so badly this week with trying to stick to points which i am contributing to the meds. Initially i thought in a very kazz way oh dont go to ww this week cos i doubt ill have a loss but no bugger it...big deal...i was on some meds which my body didnt like...ill go...weigh in .... and then get on with things ;) So wont be too hard on myself and certainly wont be throwing the towel in...but i think a few days of getting this crap out of my system and i should feel better.

Oh i am so excited about something it aint funny! I have this friend...his name is ryan (or deidre as i call him hehe) and we use to work together...we get along so well...use to travel into work together...and man we had some fun times. Anyway he got a different position late last year...which he hates...anyway yesterday he emails me and says i will be at ur work today....straight away i was pretty sure he was having a interview to come back here....and i was like why why why? but he wouldnt tell me...the bastard! Anyway he rings me last nite and im like so why did u go out there....and hes like....i went to see a bloke about a dog...farken dork he is i was like whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaa i know ur coming back! LOL he was like...ok but dont tell no one (no one counts as my journal right?) im pretty sure he will get the job and be back there working before long.

Tomorrow is my inspection...11am tomorrow morning...i havent really bothered to do any cleaning yet as the place is already pretty clean..tomorrow morning ill get up clean the bathroom...vac and mop the floors and pick up a few things and should be all ready to go...its wonderful not stressing about a inspection lol. I also got approval for foxtel! So that is being installed next thursday. Specially with this bloody cold weather will be nice to have decent viewing on these cold weekends.

Okies off i go.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday July 14

Okay so the good news is i came .5 under points yesterday YAY and the scales showed a loss this morning :) Last nite i went into the gym...wearing my new workout pants...ooh la la ... anyway did 30 minutes on the bike...then fiona came and got shes standing there just looking at me...and suddenly goes...your shrinking! She was like i work with u all the time so i dont really notice it normally but i can really see your getting smaller (those EA active workouts must be doing something!) then we worked out...we had one exercise left when i got the worst dizzy spell. Now me and dizzy spells are pretty familiar with each other...and even fiona is quite familiar with the beginning of the year i use to get them a lot...but id sit down for a few minutes...have some water...and i would be okay...not last nite...i had a cold towel, water and still feeling like crap...and it wasnt till i laid down while fiona stretched me that i started to feel better...but by the time i left and got to the bus stop i wasnt feeling good again. Thankfully before the gym last nite i had gone to subway and grabbed a i basically went home ... checked emails and went to bed with my subway bed before 7pm! lol and i was snoring my head off not long after 8.30pm. Anyway as i left the gym last nite the receptionist (who is new) goes to me...Jenna was commenting on how much weight you lost and how good your looking...she wanted me to pass it on! LOL dayam...first time trainers have commented on me lol dunno if it was the new workout pants or what...but ill take it.

This morning i feel a lil better altho not 100%...i am suspicious this weakness/dizzyness is related to the metformin (oh and someone asked if im diabetic - no im not but i have PCOS and the docs believe i am insulin resistant which is why they want me to take it) anyway i will see how i go over the next few days...if i dont improve ill go back to the doctors and see if its the metfromin...of course when i initially got dizzy fiona was like...this isnt the start of swine flu is it? lol. Anyway the other bonus of it all was i did burn over 400 calories last nite. Anyway gyming it again hopefully tonight will go better!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday July 13

Well yesterday plain and simple was disastrous food i am so glad to be back at work and in my routine again. So far today ive drunk 1.5 litres of water...weetbox for breakfast and a 2 point nestles dark chocolate desert for my morning snack and about to go get a toasted ham and tomato sandwich for lunch. OMG just got a text from fiona...she had swine flu last week lol...she is fine now tho apparantly.

I feel really focused today. Jenny a lady at work walked passed me and said "oh its the shrinking woman" lol and then mary was saying..."cant believe how small your face is now and how high your cheekbones are" hehe....good reminders! Anyway will be spot on today with my food (will try and save 2 points after yesterdays poor efforts lol) and tonite i have the gym and am planning to get stuck into the bike before i see fiona.

Martine - those comments you left were really nice - thanks!

Okies off to do some work ~ enjoy all !

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday July 12

ok since i am being nagged for pics of the new it is....

The sofa is made of suede material and really really happy with the furniture. Yesterday i was spot on my points...not half a point under or half a point over and everything was weighed so yay :) Not really too much else to say...have a good sunday all :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well a busy productive day so far. Got a load of washing on...just tidied up my bedroom...only got the bookcase left to tidy up...just sorted out my bed. Moved it and put on my new 225 thread count sheets and new quilt and quilt cover (looking forward to that sleep tonite!) Also the kitchen has been tidied.

This week i have been real drowsy and the last day or so been off my food...did some research today on metformin and its a side effect you sometimes have for the first few weeks. Thursday i lay on my lounge all day like such a lazy at least i know why now...mite explain why i have been sleeping so good lately too lol.

Had a yummy breakfast of fruit toast...measured out my butter even on my ww scales...3.5 about to make a baked potato with ham, cheese and sour cream...yum yum! This afternoon i am planning to walk around to the garden store and buy some new plants just to freshen up the courtyard.

Anyway i am about to go make my potato and settle down and watch some friends...enjoy all !

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday July 10

Well i rejoined! Yep...i am back at ww...and must say i found the meeting at the myer centre rather good. I met with a lady called di and she was very nice. Asked me quite a bit about how my life is different from when i was 171 kilos and about my long term goal (told her i can only look as far as getting under 100 kilos at this point) she said while they give a weight range i dont have to go that low .... can simply go till i geel good in my skin. I have been feeling horrid the last few days...i have been so thirsty (think my body is dehydrated) and then i am feeling bloated blah not a good feeling but oh well...onwards and downwards from now on.

Not sure how im liking being on the pill. When i was back on the pill when i was younger i found i would get stomach cramps on a daily basis...and the last few days i have been getting the cramps...not constantly...but have been gettin then a couple of times per day. I will wait and see how things go over the next week or so...if i remember last day they put me on a daily dose of postan for 3 weeks on and one week off...but i dont really wanna do this as i think i am taking enuff friggin tablets without adding to the list at the will see how it goes over the next week or so.

Fiona has been sick for the last 2 days so i have only done one PT session this week ! Great for getting back into the gym eh? lol Its the first time in 10 months she has been sick so she must be rather ill. Tomorrow i will either go into the gym or do my wii...ill see what the weather is like tomorrow. I also bought a new quilt, quilt cover and 225 thread count sheets today....not putting them on the bed till i clean up the bedroom tho...which is tomorrows task (i have a inspection on thursday) also waiting to hear from the land agent ... i am wanting to get foxtel we have the strate title approval...just waiting to hear for approval from the landlord but hopefully that will get approved next week and i can organise it to be installed.

Not much else to say...gonna go put the heater on and get warm in front of the tv...have a good nite all !

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday July 8

Another lovely day on holidays - i am gettin way to use to this luxurious life! This morning i went over to visit my sister and her family. Was my nieces 5th birthday today...spent quite a bit of time playing with polly pocket lol.

I am waiting at the moment for a phone call over the next few days from the landagent she ischeckin with the landlord for permission to install foxtel...have the approval from strata title...would seem weird if the landlord says no...but hopefully over the next few days ill know the answer. I also got a letter today from the landagent for a inspection next thursday (they do one every 7 months or so) the house is pretty tidy so im not too concerned...this weekend i am gonna buy new plants and stuff to make the courtyard look nice and fresh...and luckily the day they are doing one of my days that all works out rather well. Of course with all this new furniture the place does look pretty dandy!

I made yesterday hot chips like annette sym does out of the STGTBT gawd so good as u get at the fish & chip shop. yummmmmmmmmmm im making another batch as we speak !

Gym tomorrow for another PT session and then friday morning PT followed by lunch with jaimee and ww that nite...yay yay yay life is good...enjoy all!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday July 7

Ahhhhhhhhhhh another nite of blissful sleep ! Stayed in bed till 8.30am (love holidays lol) and then got up and headed off to the gym. Did boxing today...i did struggle a lil altho fiona did go pretty hard but its surprising how 2 weeks away from the gym and i am struggling lol. But i am sure i will be fine quite quickly...noticed the scales went down by 700 grams putting me under 130 this morning which was good. Fiona then talked to me about the "plan" we wanna set...basically she has a lot of information and it will involve a lot of questions and answer stuff and she said i mite find some of it hard (not intellectually hard more hard thinking about where my life is etc) she said it wont be just about numbers on a scale but we will be basically creating a wellness it will be fitness, diet, self confidence, spiritually, emotionally etc. So she basically said...we are ready to go whenever you are (she didnt mention eve so i am guessing its just me and fiona)ready she said we will prolly do a session on it once a week for a few i am going to suggest we start doing it this friday. I have also made a appointment for ww on friday i feel good. Not doing too much else sister is off at Clare looking for a ute for her hubby but may drop in later today.

Okies off i go....enjoy all !

Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday July 6

My furniture has arrived ! I am surrouded by boxes and packing material but i am sitting here on my new sofa ! YAY no more going to bed at 5.30 pm cos i got no where to sit and watch tv lol The entertainment centre is a lil longer then i realised but i love it, i will post some pics later in the week once its all organised properly.

Last nite for dinner i had cajun chicken with rice...omg it was so yummy...and all it was was chicken thigh fillets and i sprinkled cajun seasoning on it and roasted it...was so delish its gonna be a meal i will have more often.

And back to the gym tomorrow ! YAY im excited the other good thing is i have fallen asleep easily for the last 4 nites which has led me to feeling so much better when i wake each morning.

Okay just a short one today as i have lots of organising to do !

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Saturday July 4

My gawd i have started so many posts lately only to get halfway thru and then turn into a lazy ass and not finish em lol theres like a trillion in my drafts section on blogger lol anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its saturday !! Day one of my holidays yay. I am having a lovely relaxing day...have done some pottering around the place...a couple of loads of washing done...currently my gym bag is in the machine being washed...ive played some wii and played TOO MUCH bejewelled omg that new version is damn addictive LOL Tonite for din din is marinated steak with mashed potato and pumpkin (yes again lol). I bought some tracksuit pants just from best & less the other day...for working out in...anyway i threw them on this morning and i must say i look kinda good in em ! Seeing them on me and thinking okay im not slim but my legs also dont look like huge elephant legs (still big but not huge) so i must be making improvements. So back into it all this week ! I downloaded a pile of music the other day which i just need to transfer to my ipod. I have made a decision...a decision i knew i was gonna make...but i guess i feel like a failure to a degree for making this decision...but i am returning back to ww. I am going to on monday ring the gym and take my name out of my permanant booking for their eating just doesnt work for me. So i will do ww at the myer centre...i think i will try and make it every friday i will ring and organise that too this week and get back into everything. The last 2 nites i have fallen asleep quite easily YAY which is a good thing as i hadbeen really struggling with that...i think the fact i was stressing over whether to return to ww or not was part of the reason and once i made the decision i have felt better. All ready to get back into the more work on reshaping my body and getting stronger weeeeeee Have a good weekend girlies ! :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thursday July 2

I go back to the gym tuesday morning, i had a monday evening session but i changed that to friday morning as thats the day the furniture is being delivered and just in case anything happens or their running late or whatever. But i am starting to miss it by then it will have been about 11 days with no gym and i am sure it will get me focussed and completely back on track. Its nice to be missing it tho and starting to look forward to getting back into it - i have 3 sessions booked next week - tuesday, thursday and friday.

And i have a new a email yesterday that mojo west is throwing a new years eve bash...i really REALLY wanna be 110 kilos by that point. I havent been out for NYE for years, so i will prolly book in a hotel and stay in the city (getting a taxi home on NYE would be a nitemare and go to the mojo club) i was talking to leigh about it last nite and she said...just make sure your standing next to the best looking chick at midnight haha ;)

I am really starting to look forward to my week off work ! Only have to work tomorrow...Monday my new furniture comes...tuesday gym followed by the kids are coming over in the afternoon...wednesday think we are going to the movies...thursday gym and grocery shopping and friday gym and possibly a work function (undecided about that)

Saturday nite is a dance...i am not going cos i been spending money like its been going out of fashion lately plus its all the way down semaphore...anyway Robyn messages me last nite to ask about me going lol told her no ;)

Okay not a lot else going on...bring on next looking forward to getting stuck back into everything weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !