Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm very impressed with me! I am spot on with my points for the day (even had beef in black bean sauce for dinner yumyum) and have showered cleaned my teeth so im not tempted to eat again....lalalala!!! i feel completely positive i will have a spot on week. Went to katies after work and bought a new top...really cute but i got it a fraction small...hopefully in a few weeks time it will fit me nicely.

I made a appointment today with a podiatrist to get my heel sorted out i am pretty sure they will say i have to have inserts for my shoes made...i am going to a podiatrist medibank has a contract with which means the appointment will cost me $31 at the most (considering the first one i rang who wasnt on a contract with medibank was gonna cos me $61 thats a huge improvement)

Okies off to watch friends followed by a early nite as i have to work in the morning

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Chris H said...

Yaa for being spot on with your points, AND getting your appointment for pretty much half price.