Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday July 25

Well must say i am one happy girl...and thats saying a lot since i worked this weekend ! One more day and i have a few days off. I just got some good so excited about it its not funny...but im not allowed to say anything yet so ill shut my gob...its really someone elses news but makes me so dayam happy its not funny. Foodwise yet another perfect day ! I am cooking some pasta as i speak...dry frying some light salami and roasting some cherry tomatos...gonna mix it all together was a recipe i saw on oprah...cant wait to eat it yum yum ! Actually just ate it and it was yummi definitely a meal to have again...and so quick and easy to make. I love being back on track...i have 2 points will have something later tonite.

My thighs and shoulders are still sore...thanks to ms fiona....looking forward to getting stuck back into the gym this week. Its amazing the difference in "me" when im on just a happy happy girl. And i am totally lovinggggggggggggggg 111 hits on foxtel...omg so a sitcom fiend so it suits me down to the ground!

Anyway i am off for a shower and then settle down to watch some tv before having a early nite...gotta work again tomorrow...enjoy ur saturday nite all!

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