Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday July 26

Back at work again today...roll on 4.30pm then i have 2 days off YAY. I stopped at mcdonalds for breakfast this morning planning to get their raisin toast...but they dont sell it no more :( so i got a egg and bacon roll - eek 9.5 points later ! LOL So think it mite be just a baked potato or something for dinner tonite.

Tomorrow i have PT at 10.30am and then the podiatrist appointment in the afternoon. Which means i get to sleep in! YAY...can sleep in as late as watch me wake up bright and early! And super good viewing tonite .... arena has the start of the final series of gilmore girls starting tonite and also the final friends episodes is on tonite...think they are both at the same the iq may be kept busy.

Not a lot else going on...and i am at work to i just may do some lol...enjoy all =]


2010 said...

i am back at work tomorrow! Erk! I will sort through my stuff and my sister is coming to adelaide early august - so will work something out about a drop off babe!

kazz said...

that sounds fabulous and so nice of you - thank you thank you =]

Tania said...

Oh you have been such a good girl haven't you? LOL @ Gilmore Girls - I haven't heard you mention that show for years, probably because you haven't had foxtel. Tell me more about the light salami, I didn't know it existed!

Martine said...

So pleased that everything is working out Kazz. Keep up the good work. Martine x