Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27

Well its been a pretty eventful day! Last nite i had dramas with my neighbours...10pm at nite the guy goes outside and makes a phone call which lasted well over 30 minutes and hes LOUD after 30 minutes i turned the tv on and turned it on LOUD *hehe* i did finally fall asleep...but i musta been getting rid of fluid as i woke about 4 times during the nite. Anyway woke this morning...did a quick jump on the scales and am looking at a lovely loss ! Then i made a scramled egg on grain toast and took off to the gym. We did boxing and giona was rather impressed...said i musta had my wheaties cos i had lots of pep lol I then came home...did feel rather tired this afternoon which i think is the whole iron thing which seems crazy to me as i have eaten red meat every day the last 3 days,,,friday nite i even had beef which i very rarely ever eat. Anyway then this afternoon headed of to the podiatrist....and he said quite a lot about my feet ! lol Apparantly my calf muscles are very tight which is contributing to the plantar fastisis and also partly contributing to my feet becoming flat. So he has given me exercises for my calf muscles and i have to ice my feet each nite. He then strapped my foot in the position that my foot would sit in if i end up getting orthotics...(which is gonna be fun showering with the bloody thing)...anyway i have to leave it strapped for 3 days,,,,and tomorrow at the gym i have to give the treadmill a go and see if my foot flares up as much as normal. I then go back to the podiatrists in a week and they will make some decisions from there.

Another spectacular food day GO ME!!!

Okies off i go,,,,,enjoy all !

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2010 said...

i gotta check out your songs one day - i don't think i know any of the "songs i am listening to" list!

I have the tight calf issue and it gets very bad after dancing and running! I had orthotics and they didn't help heaps but rolling my feet over a bottle eased the tightness!

You go girl! Can't wait for weigh in!