Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday July 28

Well things sure are looking up ! Woke up this morning with sore bloody inner thighs...went to the gym complained to fiona (didnt help much as she was sore from her own training yesterday lol) and we did strength training so more bloody crazy squats so im thinking ill have VERY sore thighs tomorrow. Foodwise spot on again! For lunch today i made a spinach and cheese quiche...4.5 points per serve...was so delicious...its definitely one ill be making again and thats what lunch will be the rest of this week...no bloody sandwiches lol. I am having a lovely relaxing afternoon. When i went to the gym today told fiona wat the podiatrist said...when i go back she wants me to ask about any exercises he would like her to have me doing...or not doing...she said since im there so much she will try and incorporate it in my program.

And some big decisions have been made (well one big decision) have decided i am going to america next year....and more specifically New Mexico. I have been thinking about it for a while but had to talk to Jody about it (she lives in NM) and we briefly had a chat today....and so prolly august/september or october...i have to chat more to jody for what time of year works best for her and which month is also the best to visit NM with stuff on etc. I will prolly be taking about a month off and hope to be over there for about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks. All very exciting ! And what a great motivation it will be...sitting my fat ass in those plane seats for a 24 or so hour flight LOL


Tania said...

Woohoo @ going to the US ... forget about where Jody lives, where does Jillian live - that's where you need to go ;-)

And remember princess, no pain, no gain! Would love the recipe for that spinach and cheese quiche - sounds delish!

Fab Kate said...

There's a list of NM activities and events on my travel website http://peregrinating-kat.blogspot.com A lot depends on where in NM you're going. I live in Albuquerque, so a lot of the events listed are for northern NM. Personally, I'd suggest you come in fall... sept -nov are best. there are tons of fairs and events here in those months.

September has the Hatch Chili Festival, The New Mexico State Fair (albuquerque), the Sante Fe Festival, the Rt 66 Festival, the Coralles Harvest Festival, and Globalbuqueque (a cultural/ music festival)

October has The International Balloon Fiesta, Trinity Site tour (only available 2 days each year), A couple of Renni fairs, and the Feista of Cultures.

November has the Festival of Cranes at Bosque del Apache, Various Dio de los Muertos celebrations, the beginning of Christmas festivities like luminaria displays and The River of Lights....

Those three months are what my family calls "Festival Season" in NM. There are a great deal of other events going on, you'd be hard pressed to find a day in any of those months where there wasn't SOMETHING to do anywhere within driving distance.

There are also a number of national parks and monuments, historical sites, cultural centers, museums, zoos, art galleries... the list goes on and on.

When ever you come, you'll have fun!

Jody said...

Jody? as in moi?? You're coming to see me???

I am so frigging excited!!! Woooo hoooo!! Finally after 9 years I'm gonna meet my bestest friend!

We'll have a great time!!

kazz said...

hahhaha you are such a d0rk gert! You say it like your surprised lol but how much fun will we have,,,and yay get to see all ur korners LOL ;)