Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday July 29

Well back to the grindstone today blah! I managed to swap 3 shifts next week to i have a dinner one nite and a podiatrist appointment another so that all works out rather well.

Today I am wearing my new top...the top i bought from katies last week...and ive been called skinny! lol im obciously far from skinny but i did get told that it really makes it obvious how much weight ive lost so mite have to take a pic of me in it.

Food wise i was .5 points under another superb day food wise. My thighs are very sore today lol...bloody squats!

And of course im now having to turn into a money saving machine lol...with the trip...but its so exciting and i think will be so motivating having something big like this to focus on!

Okies off i go...enjoy all!!


2010 said...

yes! pics please!

New Mexico hey?!? awesome!!!

LellyJ said...

Ditto re picture!!

Tania said...

LOL @ squats - personal trainer or are you wii-ing?