Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday July 30

Man its been a crazy morning. We have been flat chat this morning altho this afternoon seems a lot better ... thank gawd.

I was spot on with my food again yesterday YAY. WW rang me this morning and said how are you going i said good...are you happy...yes LOL see u tomorrow nite haha. I am not expecting a huge loss tomorrow nite...but would like around the 2 kilos mark.

Tonite i am off to the PT with fiona...think we are working on the wellness program thing.

I have sat down and worked out some budgeting plans for the trip...all quite do able...and the way ive worked it out i should up with ample spending money so now time to knuckle down and save, and get my tax done cos im due a refund of at least $500 (ive done it but dont have a printer so need to obtain a printer to print the sucker)

Not much else to say...enjoy all!

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Martine said...

Glad all is going well with WW. The trip sounds divine and just what you need. Martine