Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday July 31

Went to the gym last nite and me and fiona did some more work on the "wellness plan" and it was really quite interesting. Basically i had to answer some questions on nutrition and fitness...questions like what could i do to improve this, how would my life improve if i made these changes, what will happen if i dont make these changes, how will it affect people around me etc etc. Anyway i guess it was interesting cos fiona knows me fairly well i guess but on a surface level so she found out more about my insecurities etc but she also gave feedback on different things. We were discussing how i dont follow thru with things, and i have always had this issue. I remember when i was a kid...about 11 i was entering this ballet eisteddford...for a solo...had worked with my ballet teacher for months on it (so lets not mention the cost of private lessons) my mum stayed up the night before late sewing and fixing the tutu i was gonna wear ... i woke up the next morning and said...nope not gonna go...that tutu never got worn. And thats continued all thru my life whether holidays, diet plans, reading a book whatever. As fiona pointed out tho...12 months ago when i was training with teri i quit the gym and stayed away for several months...ive since had a few "meltdowns" (fionas words lol) but the last one i corrected myself within 24 hours not stopping the gym so she was like u need to look at what u have done. She also thinks my biggest issues is how i think/feel others percieve me. It also highlighted some other things which i knew in my brain that i wanted but prolly hadnt vocalised...and that was eventually wanting to play netball again and take tennis lessons be able to go bushwalking...and to feel confident enough to do bloody classes at the gym LOL so these things will prolly become some of the goals.

All else food is on weighing in tonite and hoping for a loss around 2 fingers crossed people ! All else is i go

Jody - hope all goes ok in arkansas :(

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