Friday, February 28, 2014

Gymmed it last night. Did 45 minutes of body pump and 45 minutes of RPM. It was the first time I didnt do RPM "fresh" for a long time. As I did pump first....I could feel I didnt work as hard in RPM i think most likely cos I was tired from body pump.

This morning my right hip is a bit sore...same soreness I get from running...not sure if its from wednesdays balance session or i am just getting old! haha! Tonight I have PT and ill do a lil cardio too.

After the gym tonight I am going to do some shopping....I need to buy some new jeans. I also wanna go to rebel sport and buy a kettlebell for one of the exercises my trainer wants me doing at home...and I will also look for some tops in rebel sport and possibly a jacket or hoodie. :)

Working tomorrow then sunday off...then thank goodness I think I have about a month of before I do weekends again :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday :)

Hi lovelies! I am on a day off today...only bum about it is I have had to stay at home. This morning a NEW hot water system...then I had to wait this morning for a inspection of the unit (which means the house is currently spotless!) now I am waiting for a plumber to arrive to install it :)

Exercise wise things have been going good :) Monday I did pump and balance. And last night I did RPM and then a PT session. I am loving RPM more and more the more i do it. I really do go hard in it now my fitness has improved. Then in PT last night we did more balance work and more homework was set LOL. I am actually going to go and buy a lil 6 kilo kettle bell to help with one of the exercises...ill pick it up from rebel sport tomorrow night.

Food is going really good too...and its been challenging this last week! I mentioned on my last post about the "party" at work on friday last week, then on tuesday they ordered pizza for lunch lol...but they did order a 97% fat free pizza....and I had decided I would have two slices and that was all...and thats what I did ! The scales are moving down nicely so didnt harm me :)

This afternoon if the water system is installed relatively quickly I will go to the gym and do a 45 minute body pump class and a 45 minute RPM class...fingers crossed it all gets installed easily :)

Not much else going on...hope everyone is having a fab week :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Day off today. Slept in...which was lovely then went to the gym...did 15 minutes on the xtrainer then a 45 minute body pump class and 45 minute body balance class. I then went and weighed in....small gain 400 grams. I dont seem to be losing at 1500-1600 calories. So for this week I am eating 1300 calories each day and on saturday I will eat 1800 calories which will have me hitting over the week 1375 calories per day. Hopefully that will get the scales moving in the right direction.

No gym tomorrow night....looks like my landlord will be dropping off a new hot water system at the unit tomorrow need to be here...doesnt really matter tho as I havent got PT as my trainer isnt working and the only class I wanted to do...RPM...i cannot make it on time for.

Tomorrow at work lunch is LOL....but ive worked out 1 piece is approx 175 I can manage 2 pieces and still fit into my calories.

Not much else going on...hope everyone had a good monday :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Much better day!

So I am feeling much better today. Wednesday and thursday night I slept terrible. I got in a real funk over the gym and it played on my mind. A lot of the insecurities I have with the gym just came to the surface and was playing on my mind, add to that lack of sleep two nights running and I was beyond grumpy ;)

Last night in my grumpy, tired state I went to the gym for PT - and so glad I did. We did a session of balance work. We started with the bosu..and tamika was like have you done much work with the bosu before? Im like...yeh when I trained with fiona but not since .... then we did some stuff with the fitball...same question....have you used it much before...Im like yeh but not since the fiona days...then as we are talking im insecurities...balance issues have got worse since i stopped training with fiona (are we seeing a theme?) so the session was very much like the sessions i use to do with fiona that we called "wacky weights" it was a lot of body weight work and balancing. Tamika thinks I am quite strong in my shoulders and my core strength is pretty good...but doesnt think I am as strong in my legs and that I use my upper body for movement instead of my thinks its just about retraining that. She set me some homework...funnily one of the exercises is one fiona use to tell me to do when watching tv with the fitball we are going to do one session a week of the balance stuff then one session a week of strength training. It will mean I will try and do pump as well twice a week (where time allows). This week I am only working 4 days (I have monday, thursday and sunday off) so my week will look like this:

monday : 45 mins body pump + 45 mins body balance + 30 mins boxing
tuesday : 1 hour cardio/homework
wednesday : 45 mins RPM + 30 mins PT
thursday : 45 mins body pump + 45 mins RPM
friday : 30 mins PT
saturday : rest day
sunday : rest day

I am really taking to RPM. I am working much harder in it and I dont actually hate the class....I must be getting fitter....i usually burn about 600-650 calories a class but even as I am working harder i dont seem to be burning more then that.

Anyway...I am at work...back to it....enjoy all :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update :)

So I went back to the doctors today for my bloodtest results. They were really not surprising (especially considering how ive eaten over the last 12 months or so). My iron deficiency has got worse. While my ferretin levels have remained stable at 10 (should be between 20 and 300 lol) my actual iron levels are now down to 4.7 and saturation is only 6. The doctor said I am one step away from being anaemic. He wanted to put me on the pill to help with my cycle but I explained usually when I take the pill I end up with a never ending cycle so that was a no instead he is going to try me on some tablet cyklo something or other to help lighten my cycle...which if that works will be great!

My liver results were not great altho nowhere near as bad as they were back in 2010....some are too high...and some (protein in my liver...surprise surprise is too low) To be honest I am not concerned that much about the iron liver tho does concern me a little and I really want to improve them...they have never been perfect results but would like to get them much better. I realise for iron deficiency to eat more protein with vitamin C...i am going to do some research on foods to eat to help with liver function.

Last night i went to the gym....did RPM (burnt 650 calories) then did a PT session. Soon as the PT session started my trainer talked to me about my lunges, squats, pushups etc....she was have fine form....the weights you use are good...but you just dont get the range. Which I have known for a long time....we talked about it a little...i said i believe its partly related to my joints after the weight i was and also just a plain fear of snapping my knees etc....i think too altho i didnt mention this its also related to my fear of saying doing a low squat or lunge etc and getting stuck and not being able to get up lol. I have a lot of issues with movement...including things like getting up off the floor etc...anyway....overnight this conversation played on my i messaged her this morning...she has told me she would love to do balance and stability work with me. I told her i was fine with that that I trust her decisions...she thinks by doing that i will get more joint stability and be able to move more she will be changing my program...her concern was that it wont be high calorie burns....but I am just going to need to up the ante on cardio which I need to do anyway. I am really liking RPM classes....I do prefer my trainers classes to the other instructors at the gym (mostly cos this trainer goes around and put stickers on you each class and chit like that...I just want to do the class and get out of there....I could care less about stickers or what i call "ra-ra" in the class.I also think I need to get back to running.

Foodwise....last week was terrible! lol. :( But I have knuckled down again this week) so this week has been really good...and the scales are moving in the right direction....(I was 105.6 on monday morning...and 101.9 kilos this morning....amazing what happens when you dont eat ridiculous amounts of sodium!)

Have a good day all :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday :)

Yesterday I went to the doctors for a 45-49 check up. They did my weight, height (I am not 175cm but 172.5 cm!) blood pressure etc. I told them in relation to all that my big focus is losing 20-30 kilos. They then did a family history....they were surprised at how big a history of cancer I have in my family. This morning I had to go have blood tests to check up on all the normal stuff (liver, glucose, b12, iron, cholesterol etc)...bowel cancer check and he has also told me to get a mammogram. I go back thursday morning to finish the appointment (they want the blood test results) to see what else is needed. The doctor has already mentioned due to breaking my wrist last year he wants to check my bone densty (i dont think there is a issue there)

Over the last week or two I had cut my calories back more (was done to 1400 calories) and have come to the conclusion that just isnt going to work right at the moment. I joined biggest loser club last night (ive not liked MFP for a while) so anyway....i signed up...and got there "classic plan" which has me at 1900 calories. My brain always tells me to eat little (which is not a healthy way to think!) and so I cut back more and more cos I dont think I am doing "well enough" and then cut back to far and fall off track (you would think I would learn my lesson!) initially i saw the 1900 calories and thought that is too much. But....theoretically I should lose half a kilo to a kilo, plus if I really focus on working out...maybe I can lose a lil more a week. My main concern is well two concerns - my food coach believes i am eating 1600 calories a day, and i FEEL i never do as good as I should UGH i hate the pressure i put on myself. But 1900 calories does feel like a real good calorie range where I can eat lots of healthy foods. I just need to remind myself its not a race :) So I weighed in this morning and will weigh in again next trainer is back this week (YAY)....heres my workout plan this week:

monday : 30 minutes boxing + 60 minutes body balance
tuesday : 30 minutes PT + 30 minutes treadmill
wednesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minutes PT
thursday : 45 minutes body pump + 45 minutes RPM
friday : 45 minutes boxing + 30 minutes PT
saturday : 6km walk
sunday : 6km walk

Heres to a good week!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The next 4 weeks :)

So tonight is day 28 of my "no go food list". I did pretty good....over the 4 weeks all I ate of the no good list was one sausage roll and one packet of bbq chips....not perfect....and it put me over my calories one day....but all in all thats a massive improvement on the previous 12 months!

So now that the 4 weeks is over - what next? Time to do more fine tuning of my nutrition and adding to the list! So in addition to the previous list :

Only purchase multigrain bread and wholegrain wraps from the bread aisle (so no crumpets, muffins, etc)
Only chocolate to be eaten is 70% cocoa or more
Maximum of one banana per day
Maximum of 20 grams of peanut butter per day
One piece of fruit per day that is not a banana (so eating 2 pieces of fruit per day)
When getting sumo salad only a small more medium servings
Maximum 2 slices of bread per day (other grains, cereals etc I of course can eat)

Basically what this will do is cut my carbs a lil....they will still be at a decent level....but for weight loss I know from experience i need to keep my carbs at about 30-35% they have been as high as 51% over the last 4 will also help me keep my sodium levels in check.

So again I will do my reward system (I still have to get a vision board from kikki.k as part of this past few weeks rewards.

If I stick to it this week....2 bath bombs coming my way!

I also want to focus on my exercise....need to increase that a lil more...slowly slowly i will get there...this is no race!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Fine tuning

So the scales have gone up a lil this week.Its not that I think I have done anything wrong....just think my food still needs some fine tuning.

Firstly I havent been focusing on my sodium at all. So i really need to get back to focusing on that. More clean foods...I am going to cut out the raising toast...back to the weetbix and chia seeds and milk for breakfast. Back to having a protein shake and focusing on getting my protein levels up which the protein shake will help with. And also drinking more water. My cals are going to sit at 1485 calories....when I got down to 90 kilos (10 kilos lighter then I am now) i was only eating 1350 calories and i was eating 1485 cals between 90 and 100 kilos im previously...i was sitting at 100.7 kilos this will give that a try. Thats the thing with weight loss especially when you are as close as I am too do have to consistently be fine tuning things.

I will be setting the goal to exercise 6 days a week this week...would like to be down to double digits by next weekend .... so thats this weeks goal *fingers crossed*

Friday, February 07, 2014

That damn biggest loser finale!

WOW the biggest US finale this week has really generated some press! My thoughts on it are this...Rachel was amazing thru the entire series and I think most knew she would win it. When she went home yep she looked amazing. She was what I aspire to be....slim but strong...she had just completed a triathlon....capable of anything. She of course then went home and ON HER OWN lost an additional 20 kilos. Do i think she lost too much? I it up to me to judge? Maybe she didnt like the "strong" look...maybe she likes the waif look...we all aspire to different things and honestly I dont think I get the right to judge it. You lose weight for yourself....not for a trainer...or a partner....or anything work towards what you want for you. I just hope she did lose it in a healthy way as she has been saying in interviews.

For me things are still going well :) Exercise is going good and so is food...I am really finding that drive to exercise again altho I still feel anxious about classes. My trainer is away this week so no PT sessions....which means more classes then normal! I really wanna exercise monday to saturday this week. I am thinking as a guide this for my coming week:

monday : 30 mins boxing and 60 minutes body balance
tuesday : RPM then if not too many people around my weights program/or body pump
wednesday : RPM
thursday : RPM and cxworx/or my weights program (t on how busy the gym is)
friday : 30 minutes RPM and 60 minutes body pump
saturday : 60 minutes body pump

If i manage to stick to that - that would be about 7 hours exercise for the week which i think is a good amount. I burnt just under 2500 calories this week....but that needs a serious bump...I really need to be burning 3500 cals a week.

Not much else going on...body pump in the morning...time for a early nite for me!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Update - weigh in etc :)

So this week has been a good week (despite being sick-ly today). Tuesday night I did PT and 25 minutes of cardio and last night I did RPM followed by my PT session. I must admit I am back loving my PT sessions and am looking forward to them again! Which is good.

I must be getting fitter cos RPM is sooooooooooooo much more tolerable these days! Normally i only burn 350-400 cals in a RPM class but without realising i must have gone a lot harder last night as I burnt 600 calories :) I am going to start doing RPM on thursday nights as twice a week.

This week for my weigh in i lost 1.1 kilos which i was rapt with. So as of wednesday morning I was down 72.8 kilos :). My trainer said yesterday she could see this week I had lost weight since last very happy....really feel I am getting back in the zone.

I also registered for the foxy challenge last night (which led to my trainer saying "karyn is going to win it" - lol - she is wrong! hah) but....this weeks weigh in i weighed 100.3 kilos....the challenge starts March 10....I am hoping to be down to 96 kilos by the start of the challenge - will have to put the work in! But I believe I am in the right head space to do that.

Not much else going on....PT again tomorrow night - boxing. Then no PT the following week as my trainer is excuse for not throwing myself into classes!

Enjoy your day :)

Monday, February 03, 2014

Damn what a day :)

I forgot to take my workout pants with me to work today....but thought no matter ill go to rebel sport and buy some new ones...well some knucklehead left her credit card at home! I raced home after work...but couldnt get to the gym in time for the boxing class :(

My eating is going great...I am so impressed with me...and the scales are moving in the right direction. My food coach managed to switch my weigh in to after PT wednesday night so I will still have a session this week. I only have one more paid session for the food coaching after this week...but I think to consolidate my good eating I will do fernwoods foxy challenge which goes for 12 weeks...i think by the end of that I will be okay to go back to eating by myself.

Its time to also up the ante of the exercise, going back thru my journal the thing that is missing is intense cardio sessions! Boxing needs to really come back into it....and I will start religiously doing that on monday nights. Thursday nights I think I will make solely cardio...stair climbing...intervals etc. and running on the treadmill. I think saturday mornings after pump as well I will do a hour of treadmill work...most likely intervals. So what I want to aim for exercise wise is:

monday : 30 minute boxing + 60 minutes body balance
tuesday : 30 minute PT session + 20 mins cross trainer + 20 minute running intervals
wednesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minutes running intervals
thursday : 60 minutes cardio - stair climbing, running, xtrainer
friday : PT session
saturday : 60 minutes body pump & 60 minutes interval

If i could manage all that it would be a HUGE step towards getting my exercise where I feel it needs to be...this isnt so much about the scales....more about reshaping my body...I know what works from past experience so this is what I need.

As much as my struggles over the last year or so sucked...I am starting to think now it was just meant to slow it down...and appreciate my weight loss and changing body a lot more :)