Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update :)

So I went back to the doctors today for my bloodtest results. They were really not surprising (especially considering how ive eaten over the last 12 months or so). My iron deficiency has got worse. While my ferretin levels have remained stable at 10 (should be between 20 and 300 lol) my actual iron levels are now down to 4.7 and saturation is only 6. The doctor said I am one step away from being anaemic. He wanted to put me on the pill to help with my cycle but I explained usually when I take the pill I end up with a never ending cycle so that was a no instead he is going to try me on some tablet cyklo something or other to help lighten my cycle...which if that works will be great!

My liver results were not great altho nowhere near as bad as they were back in 2010....some are too high...and some (protein in my liver...surprise surprise is too low) To be honest I am not concerned that much about the iron liver tho does concern me a little and I really want to improve them...they have never been perfect results but would like to get them much better. I realise for iron deficiency to eat more protein with vitamin C...i am going to do some research on foods to eat to help with liver function.

Last night i went to the gym....did RPM (burnt 650 calories) then did a PT session. Soon as the PT session started my trainer talked to me about my lunges, squats, pushups etc....she was have fine form....the weights you use are good...but you just dont get the range. Which I have known for a long time....we talked about it a little...i said i believe its partly related to my joints after the weight i was and also just a plain fear of snapping my knees etc....i think too altho i didnt mention this its also related to my fear of saying doing a low squat or lunge etc and getting stuck and not being able to get up lol. I have a lot of issues with movement...including things like getting up off the floor etc...anyway....overnight this conversation played on my i messaged her this morning...she has told me she would love to do balance and stability work with me. I told her i was fine with that that I trust her decisions...she thinks by doing that i will get more joint stability and be able to move more she will be changing my program...her concern was that it wont be high calorie burns....but I am just going to need to up the ante on cardio which I need to do anyway. I am really liking RPM classes....I do prefer my trainers classes to the other instructors at the gym (mostly cos this trainer goes around and put stickers on you each class and chit like that...I just want to do the class and get out of there....I could care less about stickers or what i call "ra-ra" in the class.I also think I need to get back to running.

Foodwise....last week was terrible! lol. :( But I have knuckled down again this week) so this week has been really good...and the scales are moving in the right direction....(I was 105.6 on monday morning...and 101.9 kilos this morning....amazing what happens when you dont eat ridiculous amounts of sodium!)

Have a good day all :)

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