Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday :)

Yesterday I went to the doctors for a 45-49 check up. They did my weight, height (I am not 175cm but 172.5 cm!) blood pressure etc. I told them in relation to all that my big focus is losing 20-30 kilos. They then did a family history....they were surprised at how big a history of cancer I have in my family. This morning I had to go have blood tests to check up on all the normal stuff (liver, glucose, b12, iron, cholesterol etc)...bowel cancer check and he has also told me to get a mammogram. I go back thursday morning to finish the appointment (they want the blood test results) to see what else is needed. The doctor has already mentioned due to breaking my wrist last year he wants to check my bone densty (i dont think there is a issue there)

Over the last week or two I had cut my calories back more (was done to 1400 calories) and have come to the conclusion that just isnt going to work right at the moment. I joined biggest loser club last night (ive not liked MFP for a while) so anyway....i signed up...and got there "classic plan" which has me at 1900 calories. My brain always tells me to eat little (which is not a healthy way to think!) and so I cut back more and more cos I dont think I am doing "well enough" and then cut back to far and fall off track (you would think I would learn my lesson!) initially i saw the 1900 calories and thought that is too much. But....theoretically I should lose half a kilo to a kilo, plus if I really focus on working out...maybe I can lose a lil more a week. My main concern is well two concerns - my food coach believes i am eating 1600 calories a day, and i FEEL i never do as good as I should UGH i hate the pressure i put on myself. But 1900 calories does feel like a real good calorie range where I can eat lots of healthy foods. I just need to remind myself its not a race :) So I weighed in this morning and will weigh in again next trainer is back this week (YAY)....heres my workout plan this week:

monday : 30 minutes boxing + 60 minutes body balance
tuesday : 30 minutes PT + 30 minutes treadmill
wednesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minutes PT
thursday : 45 minutes body pump + 45 minutes RPM
friday : 45 minutes boxing + 30 minutes PT
saturday : 6km walk
sunday : 6km walk

Heres to a good week!

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