Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The next 4 weeks :)

So tonight is day 28 of my "no go food list". I did pretty good....over the 4 weeks all I ate of the no good list was one sausage roll and one packet of bbq chips....not perfect....and it put me over my calories one day....but all in all thats a massive improvement on the previous 12 months!

So now that the 4 weeks is over - what next? Time to do more fine tuning of my nutrition and adding to the list! So in addition to the previous list :

Only purchase multigrain bread and wholegrain wraps from the bread aisle (so no crumpets, muffins, etc)
Only chocolate to be eaten is 70% cocoa or more
Maximum of one banana per day
Maximum of 20 grams of peanut butter per day
One piece of fruit per day that is not a banana (so eating 2 pieces of fruit per day)
When getting sumo salad only a small size....no more medium servings
Maximum 2 slices of bread per day (other grains, cereals etc I of course can eat)

Basically what this will do is cut my carbs a lil....they will still be at a decent level....but for weight loss I know from experience i need to keep my carbs at about 30-35% they have been as high as 51% over the last 4 weeks....it will also help me keep my sodium levels in check.

So again I will do my reward system (I still have to get a vision board from kikki.k as part of this past few weeks rewards.

If I stick to it this week....2 bath bombs coming my way!

I also want to focus on my exercise....need to increase that a lil more...slowly slowly i will get there...this is no race!

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