Sunday, February 09, 2014

Fine tuning

So the scales have gone up a lil this week.Its not that I think I have done anything wrong....just think my food still needs some fine tuning.

Firstly I havent been focusing on my sodium at all. So i really need to get back to focusing on that. More clean foods...I am going to cut out the raising toast...back to the weetbix and chia seeds and milk for breakfast. Back to having a protein shake and focusing on getting my protein levels up which the protein shake will help with. And also drinking more water. My cals are going to sit at 1485 calories....when I got down to 90 kilos (10 kilos lighter then I am now) i was only eating 1350 calories and i was eating 1485 cals between 90 and 100 kilos im previously...i was sitting at 100.7 kilos this will give that a try. Thats the thing with weight loss especially when you are as close as I am too do have to consistently be fine tuning things.

I will be setting the goal to exercise 6 days a week this week...would like to be down to double digits by next weekend .... so thats this weeks goal *fingers crossed*

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