Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One productive day...

Such a productive day! This morning I cleaned the house....all nice and tidy (honestly wasnt TOO messy so didnt really take long) After lunch I then went to the gym...did my first PT session with my new trainer....was a good session...she asked me what my goals for the foxy challenge is...and told her to focus on my legs....and she knows of my goal to do was really good. We did stuff for both....most is too complicated to explain...but she did have me do one legged squats....and I might have suggested part way thru having a nap *laughs* which was a bit of a tradition in my sessions with Fiona! lol But was all good....I burnt 294 calories during my PT session.

I then saw the gym manager about the seminar....we have pinpointed a date for it....she just has to run it past the other staff. So things are progressing in that area. We talked about what Ill talk about....that in the days leading up to it i can go in and practice get comfortable with the microphone etc.

Then i did a boxing class...i hadnt done one since last so out of condition for those classes! Such hard work but feels so good i did it. And did burn a amazing 775 cals in a hour in it which was awesome....but i havent even done a burpee in over 3 months so not surprising with the stuff she had us do...and my back has not had any pain...i could "feel" it afterwards but it wasnt painful. Didnt stay for the cycle class...was a different instructor plus i was beyond was able to get home by 6pm which was nice.

Overall was a really good day...I feel now convinced its the right move with the personal trainer...and it will complement well with my workouts with fiona which are primarily cardio with some strength work....i think those 3 workouts...then adding in at least one class of boxing, pump and balance each week i think will be a good mix of flexibility, cardio and strength. I think my goal after foxy and after i can do these to build up my fitness more for burpees and for being able to lie down on the ground and jump up and do something....that i really suck really regardless if i am maintaining or not ill still have fitness goals to meet! (Ive never met a fitness goal yet...but surely sooner or later i have to meet one!)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another good, good day!!

Had another good day. Was on 2000 calories per day....I managed to do that quite well...lots of super healthy food....goji berries, chia seeds, tahini, banana, turkey, baby spinach, milk, avocado, feta cheese, protein bar, protein shake, chicken, tomatos...thats a whole heap of good foods and nutrients! Plus i had a caramello bear...treated myself lol

Scale 100 grams down on what I was last week...not a big loss....but it is a loss....i feel like what Im doing is good food wise...with luck it will get the scales moving but at the very least I am maintaining and getting lots of nutrients into my body :)

Worked out with fiona tonight....she is mean I swear lol...lots of running around the football oval...up and down the grandstand stairs...then we went to a playground and used some equipment to do some crazy strength exercises....I might have whinged a lot whilst doing all that LOL Burnt 580 calories...and are 2000 right on track! Tomorrow as I should burn in excess of 1000 calories i am eating 2500 tomorrow morning kangaroo sausages, and eggs for breakfast followed by a protein shake :) I have the day off cleaning the house in the morning (after a delightful sleep in) then tomorrow afternoon my first PT session with my new trainer...then a appointment with the gym to discuss the seminar I am going to be doing there :) Then im going to do my first boxing class since last november! Ive had some instruction on improving my hopefully my back handles it then going to do cycling class .... should be a good busy day! Just how I like it.

My weight loss story was in works online newsletter today....which was nice :) Even got a email from someone quite high up in the company saying my story was "uplifting" :)

Enjoy your hump day tomorrow all!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weigh in :)

Today has been a good day :) I really feel my eating is on track. I like this more protein and good fats...i havent been feeling hungry between meals and i have been having some yummy food (turkey, feta cheese and avocado!!! yummmm)

As of this morning i was showing a loss for the week...but i went to the gym and according to their scales i had gained 700 grams...but i had drunk 2.4 litres of water during the day...will wait and expecting to be around the same weight in the morning as i was today so think its water or there scales were praying like crazy i dont have some huge gain in the morning cos im at a number this morning thats been a bit of a voodoo for me....but we will wait and so...i have feel confident....but i swear when i saw that increase at the gym tonight i nearly burst into tears LOL but i was tuff and maintained my compusure.

At the gym tonight...walked past this girl who stopped me and asked me if it was me in the magazine...when I said yes....she then told me I was her inspiration when she joined the gym and that she has gone on to lose 12 kilos....was such a nice moment! Its really lovely to think what I have done helps others. :)

Anyway not much else going 26 no diet coke...nearly at a month...and i have NEVER lasted over a month...and no chocolate since friday! Busy day then training with doubt more running around that bloody North Adelaide Football Club lol....enjoy all :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Sundy!!

I decided since my weight can be quite up and down at the moment i wont be announcing any numbers on the scales till i am under 77 kilos and maintain it for 3 days (so could be a couple of years before i do another "i weigh..............." post lol) The increasing of my calories and focusing on protein, good fats, fruits and vegetables seems to be working tho. I dont feel as hungry as I have been :) plus i love knowing im getting a wider variety of nutrients. Whilst i wont announce my weight....i will keep a eye on the body fat and measurements. Im still weighing daily (its worked for me for over 5 will continue to do so - and as a side note to those who think they need to post to tell me "your weight fluctuates daily" yes i know this... obviously with the weight i have already lost i am more then educated on the weight loss process)

Yesterday i! Today i am off tho...then work monday and tuesday and have wednesday off....thursday i have a inspection of my wednesday morning will be cleaning...wednesday afternoon will be spent at the gym :) So my workout plan for this week is....

monday : body pump
tuesday : training with fiona
wednesday : training with nora + 1 hour boxing + 45 minute cycle class
thursday : body balance
friday :
saturday : training with fiona

This is my week i work lates so cant make a lot of group fitness classes...thankfully i do have wednesday off tho. So im planning to be at the gym 7am tomorrow morning but i doubt ill go in early any other days...i do like my sleep ins lol. Maybe ill get really keen and do body balance on tuesday morning and combat friday morning....we will see!!

Im a bit glad March is nearly here as I have booked a few annual leave having 4 days off the weekend march 9 and hopefully the weekend 24th march...i so far have off the friday, saturday, monday, tuesday and wednesday....hoping ill manage to get a swap for wednesday and can take the sunday off instead which will give me 5 days off....and even better then that is I have some of my dads family coming down from queensland for my cousins birthday. So my Auntie i saw nearly 2 years ago but also a aunt and uncle (my dads brother) and their family....who i havent seen for 30 years!!!! Im super excited about that :)

Not much else going on...have a fab sunday all :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

And yet another change...

Well the scales are still all over the place. Everytime i get under 79 kilos i follow it up the next day gaining a kilo or more. Wednesday morning i was 79.4 kilos...thursday morning 80.2 kilos and this morning 80.3 kilos. Anyway ive done a lot of reading tonight. Ive realised now im so close to "goal" my approach needs to change (i think and of course this i will have to run past my slim coach) anyway quite consistently i am reading i am not eating enough. I remember numerous time Jillian talking about losing the last 10 kilos or so that you need to have a deficit of a maximum of 700 cals...ideally 500 cals...mine is prolly much higher then that (ie not eating enuff) anyway i have been reading a thread today on myfitnesspal which basically says....when you have a big deficit (which is fine and what you want when you have a lot of weight to lose) you lose not only fat, but also some muscle tissue and fluid etc....once you get smaller you basically wanna minimise the muscle to minimise the muscle need to lose slower...building muscle as you go....because there is not as much of you need to hold on to it as much as you can. Not sure if i have explained this properly but reading it makes sense. So anyway it was basically saying for every pound you should eat 12 calories to maintain your weight. So for me thats 2119 calories...they then say you need a deficit of around basically what im going to test is 1690 calories the days i dont exercise (which is what my fitness pal also sets as my cals before exercise) and 2000 calories on days i exercise...anyday tho i burn 1000 calories or more i will up it to 2500 calories. This all seems hard to me cos im starting to get "scared" about eating cos im worried about gaining...but at the same time i am starting to realise the focus needs to be more on being lean and strong then a number on the scales....i dont know if im on the right answer...but im going to try it for a week (presuming my food coach doesnt have a major issue with it) The other thing i am doing is restricting to one grainy carb meal per day and increase the good foods like nuts, avocado, protein, and fruits and vegies. Today ive definitely eaten higher protein and lots of good foods...brazil nuts, a blended up fruit juice drink, steak, mushrooms, spinach, protein bar, eggs, turkey sandwich, banana with tahini....lots of food with lots of nutrients....and who knows tomorrow i may be up a kilo but i have to keep reminding myself that its really now at the point where its about creating a stronger, healthier and leaner me...not necessarily someone who weighs less.

I also need some other goals to focus till the end of march (at least):

*workout/attend the gym 4 times a week
*do one pump class per week
*do one boxing class per week
*do one cycle class per week
*keep up with my no diet coke and a minimum of 1.8 litres of water per day
*eat 1690 calories on non exercise days and 2000 calories on days i work out (and 2500 cals if i burn over 1000 calories)

I will also still be working on my goal to do one unassisted chin up.

My only focus in relation to the scales is to stay under 82 kilos...if i hit that with no reduction in body fat % or measurements then i will reasses....but as long as the body fat % keeps dropping and the measurements improve then its okay :)

So fingers crossed this works....cos my brain seriously needs a break from all this scale-crazyness !

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So its done! Signed up for one PT session per week with Nora today So its for 16 weeks which will take me up to about the 23rd contract ends on June ill then reassess at that point. So now my weeks will be:

monday : slim with olivia
tuesday : training with Fiona
thursday : training with Nora
Saturday : training with Fiona

Ill then fit in some classes as well...wednesday nite ill still try and do boxing and cycle class. Friday nights and sundays im going to start going to the North Adelaide football club...running a lap of the oval...then running up 3 lots of the stairs...and then repeat....and then repeat and then repeat LOL

Today i did cycle that class is friggin hard...didnt burn as many calories as last week tho...must be adapting.

The good news too is i was 78.9 kilos this tending to hit under 79 kilos and then the next day i LOVE it if tomorrow morning i am still 78.9 kilos...would be better then a loss! lol

Not much else is going on...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lots of news :)

Well a lot has happened over the last few days :) Lots of thinking has led me to believe im about to make some changes that will help me get to goal. Firstly as i had mentioned previously i had eaten 1200 calories and after a initial loss i then preceeded to gain 2.5 kilos in 5 days....the minute i increased my calories to 1485 calories i stopped gaining....and after a initial loss i have been fluctuating. The last 4 days i have eaten 1700-1800 cals per day and 3 out of 4 days i have been under 80 kilos (yay!)...the only day i wasnt under 80 kilos was sunday morning when i was 80.1 kilos after a night of eating pretty positive that was just this morning i was 79.4 kilos.

Now onto the gym and my training. I think i have mentioned that i am training with Fiona outside of the gym....we do two sessions per week for a hour each time. The gyms foxy challenge is coming up and ive talked to Fiona and decided im going to start to do one 30 minute PT session per week with Nora who is Fionas trainer and is actually my physio. So which works good...she knows my back foot knee issues (LOL im full of issues!) so i have a appointment with the gym to see them tomorrow night about doing PT sessions with her....I feel really good about it and fiona things it will be really good training with Nora so its a all round Win-Win :) Going to be weird training with someone whose not Fiona...but Fiona thinks very highly of Nora....and i trust Fiona so its all excited :) I then went and saw Olivia today for Slim. Did my measurements...body fat (34%) and on their scales i was 80.8 kilos. So bench to get down to my initial goal of 77 kilos. So the plan will be to see Olivia on mondays, fiona on tuesday, thursday is nora and saturday is fiona....which basically puts me back to my initial routine when fiona was at the gym where i did 3 PT sessions and 1 slim session. So i now will have the accountability i excited to think i will have the support that will get me to goal.

When i was at the gym today i did a 45 minute fat burning class OMFG nearly died!! haha!! Was good tho!!! Burnt 610 calories....then after that the manager if the gym came and spoke to me about them having a poster made up of me :) and then she said we saw on your FB that you want to do motivational speaking and we would like to support im going to do some motivational speaking at the gym...and yes they mentioned payment/free membership as well :) So she said that will prolly occur in 4-6 weeks time - all exciting!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

To keep losing or maintain...

I have pretty much decided that if by the end of May if I am still sitting around 78-80 kilos then I am going to just accept this weight and start to maintain....if I am under 78 kilos tho I will continue working towards 72 kilos...whilst i do still have fat on me mostly my stomach/thighs/hips....maybe this is the weight my body is happy with. Its only a few kilos of the healthy weight range (thats 77 kilos) but i really dont seem to be making a lot of headway. Of course at that point im not sure how i will simply change...i mean i would still be wanting to working on getting stronger and more definiton....but it would be about just "living healthy" at that stage. Which seems a bizarre concept to me. Not the "living healthy" but not having the expectation of the scales dropping.

Yesterday was a great day :) Trained with Fiona in the morning....we went to the local football oval...they have a grandstand...which has 40 steps up it...i ran up and down the steps 5 times then did 50 lunge pulses on each leg .... then ran up and down the steps another 5 times and then the 50 pulse lunges on each leg again....then 20 one legged tricep dips on a park bench ... then we jogged back to my house (just a few streets away) and then did some fitness ball work. I then went to the hairdressers...had a colour put thru it (no more greys! lol) and they put a few curls in it....and then last night went out for dinner for Fionas birthday. We went to Beyond India....i ate really well :) I had one papadam (i think thats what it was called) and a serve of chicken tikka masala...had no rice...and just drank mineral water...yay me :) The scales were up this morning by 500 grams but im guessing that might be fluid retention.

Just got back from the fruit n veg store....bought some fresh beetroot which i am going to roast to use in my juices this week....i also got some flax seed which i am going to start to have in my well as some goji berries to just increase my cals in a healthy way on high calorie days.

My workout aims this week will be :

m - boxing class + 12wbt workout
t - fat burning class + 12wbt workoit + train with fiona
w - cycling class + 12wbt workout
t - body balance
f - 12wbt workout
s - rest day
s - 12wbt workout/or a 8km walk...ill decide on the day

Okies off to watch some tv...and relax the rest of this sunday...enjoy all :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Where did this week go?

I have really been a bad blogger of late...actually ive been bad for several months. The main reason i havent been doing daily posts is really due to lack of time. Slowly over the last few months things have been happening and even tho I am not doing heaps more...i feel like i am less time free. I know write a monthly "thing" on two facebook is usually the start of the month and one mid month...neither really take a long time its more a case of being a brilliant procrastinator. During the week i obviously work...then go into town to the gym and from there its go home, cook dinner, wash any clothes that need washing, play on the computer/watch tv for a bit and then sleep. So my weeks are busy. Saturday mornings are taken up with the gym...saturday arvo any running around chores and if i have no chores i just like to relax saturday arvos...and then sunday is washing/cleaning and any social stuff i may have REALLY there isnt a lot of spare time! But im sure thats the case for most people not just me! I have slowly started to write "my story" with the hope of getting it into a book at some point in the future.

Other stuff....well...theres been stuff going on i havent discussed on here. As most know Fiona was my trainer at the gym and she resigned from the gym in October. She has really been vital to my success, a lot of people said to me when she left this is your chance to do different things, look at different trainers blah blah blah but i had no interest in that. I had already been thru 3 trainers by the time i started training with Fiona and I have said it many times before she really has been a blessing to me and my when she first left i was really lost. Luckily for me we had built a friendship and we still worked out together....we had looked at working out together at the gym (and did do that for a period of time) but that hasnt really worked out. So we are still working out twice a week but now we are starting to train at my house. I have lots of parks around my area and it just feels the right move in all thats a BIG positive going on at the moment :) Over the last few years tho, I always said it was fiona that had kept me at the gym....theres a number of gyms closer to home...and it does now leave me wondering what ill do in the future in relation to the gym. I enjoy fernwood...and the main thing i guess is that i am comfortable there...but i did go look at GoodLife this week which is closer to my home...slightly 7 days a week (fernwood isnt open sundays) has classes as early as 6am and as late as 7.30am which especially the weeks i do the later shift would suit me well. They have TRX classes and do have all the latest equipment...logically when i think about it i think when my membership is up i should go join there. But fernwood i am comfortable a sense have a loyalty to it...and have boxing and combat classes (good life has neither) so pros and cons to both...undecided at this point what ill do but i have a bit of time to decide.

12WBT wise ive been slack! Actually i spoke to the gym last tuesday and ended up deciding to go back to slim sessions (since i have paid for them anyway) i think i do still need some accountability. So i go back tuesday night to be weighed and measured and will start doing that weekly again (I have to ring and change that time tho as tuesday is prolly not the best day....and will prolly try and make it on wednesday nights) In relation to 12WBT i havent even followed the exercise programs - eek! ive still been doing my normal thing...but i will from this week...time for action!

Im back having my juice drinks. I am quite convinced the amount of dairy i am eating is contributing to my left blocked ear i seem to get more days then i dont. Im starting to think at least 4 days a week i trial having a cup of milk for breakfast and no other dairy for the rest of the day and see what happens. I had cheese at lunch today .... and several hours later my ear was blocked....doctors claim its fluid and cant be drained but i am starting to notice the more dairy i eat the worse it gets so i may test that. Plus i eat tahini every day which also has calcium in it...i dont think id end up calcium deficient.

So glad i managed to swap this weekend off :) Training with fiona in the appointment in the afternoon (im really not a fan of hair appointments...only the end result lol...i get bored chitless in the salon) and then tomorrow nite im going out for dinner for Fiona and her partner Leighs idea what ill wear yet lol....NOR what ill eat...its indian...not something i am very familiar with ... so will be interesting! Have a fab weekend all!!

PS 15 days with no diet coke - go me!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to knuckle down

Ive come to the conclusion that over the last 6 months or so i have become a brilliant "maintainer" but over the last 6 months or so ive kinda sucked at losing weight. When i think about it now it prolly corresponded around the time i gave up slim. So have decided to go back to that. My first session is next week. So the last two days have been pretty disastrous eating ill weigh in tomorrow and get back into things going to go back to having my blended up fruit drinks at dinner time. I just need to suck it up and get onto it....i saw the slim coach tonight briefly...i told her i just cannot get under 78.7 kilos....soon as i do i hopefully knowing i have to weigh in again will help! lol So i have booked in for a longer slim session so i can get my measurements done...they havent been done in that will be interesting.

Tonight i did 30 mins on the xtrainer plus body the workouts are there...just the food needs work! Tomorrow nite im seeing the physio...she is going to look at my form with boxing to see if we can work out what im doing wrong to affect my back, and if she has time will look at my foot too...after that I will do cycling class. I just really need to knuckle down i cant stress how much i need to knuckle down with this eating....if i just get onto it ill be at goal and can start maintaining without feeling bad...cos i do...everytime i eat something i do i shouldnt or also when i go over my calories...i feel bad about myself...i want to just not feel bad...get to goal and start to learn to maintain without the guilt and worry. I still obviously have stuff to work out in my head...and ive known that for a few months...i dont truly know how to "maintain" i know how to lose weight and gain weight....and maybe even the thought of maintaining does my head which why for 6 months or so ive lost a couple of kilos and then gaining a couple of kilos...and that seems to be the cycle. So all im going to focus on for the moment is getting to 78.5 kilos...ive got to 78.7 before but never below no focusing on the ultimate will weigh in tomorrow morning....and then weigh in again next tuesday night with olivia at slim...doesnt matter the past of course just need to keep making sure i attack it till i get where i need to be :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do you feel different?

Theres a question I get asked a lot....for a long time i didnt know the answer...but recently over the last 6 months or so i have "got" the answer.

The question is..."Do you feel different?" - for a long time i didnt...not a noticeable difference...sure i was in a few sizes smaller...but i was still overweight...still the majority of things i was struggling with....i still felt like the "fat one" when in a room of people. I always use to say i dunno...maybe i dont notice the difference because i lost the weight so gradually....i would compare myself to people on biggest loser who lose the weight quite quickly so it becomes very apparant the differences. Recently whilst i havent lost a lot of weight over the last 4 months or so....i guess maybe my head has caught up a bit. When i think about "me" and my life these days...i can honestly say its good...its not perfect but its definitely a good, healthy and happy lil life :) I no longer feel ashamed of still pretty shy when i first meet people but i relax quicker...not so worried about what people are thinking. Ive said it before but i feel a "lightness" to myself....not a physical lightness...but just feel lighter of the mental anguish that my weight and my self belief and self image put me thru.

Things dont seem unattainable to me...i am even slowly starting to get it thru my head that even if i struggle doing something in the beginning...if i practice whatever it is i will slowly improve...i may not end up the best of the best....but by practicing...i can be the best at it i can be, and thats all i really need! Its not about being the best...its not about looking like some famous celebrity...its not being envious cos i think someone looks better then me...its simply about making the best life i can. I wasted a lot of years...sitting in front of a computer, wasting time in front of the tv and eating my way into a early grave with KFC meals most i have gained so much...i really can't put it into words...a wider variety of foods, more people in my life, more active and DEFINITELY more physically capable of LOTS of if you are at the start of a weight loss me when i will gain a heck of a lot more out of this journey then a smaller clothing size and a smaller number on the scales :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update :)

I have been quite absent from my journal this week! I havent been off track....ive actually been doing soooooooo good :) But there is something going on in the background that im waiting to be sorted out...once it does...i know things will be close to pretty damn perfect!

So i am now on Day 10 of no diet coke....quite amazed how easy i have found it. Numerous days i have incorporated a skim hot chocolate so im still getting to drink something with taste in it. Combine the no diet coke with the fact i had blended up fruit drinks juices) 4 days this week....i think both helped the scales :)

12WBT starts doing it all except her menu plans. 1200 just doesnt work for me and my eating is going no point messing it up...i know what works for me. But definitely doing all the doing advanced level of everything except the cardio stuff (due to my foot playing up) so that i will be doing at intermediate level. I did the pushups part of the fitness test last nite....33 pushups in one minute...go me :)

So the scales this morning were 79.2 goal was to be 78 kilos by the start of not gonna be there by monday....but i shouldnt be far off im still happy about that!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Something needs to change...

I really need to make some changes...Im not sure how I am going to make them but i need too. Heres the issue....before fiona left the gym...i was doing PT 3 times a week...back them i was doing a slim session once a week as well. Since then i dont have that "committment" for the gym. I have a lousy 8 kilos left to lose...since september of last year i have lost a grand total of 3 kilos...i put on...then i lose...then put on....then lose...and to be perfectly honest im not really accomplishing a lot...even fitness wise im not really doing things i couldnt do 3 months ago. Yes the scales are maintaining...but yanno you combine fiona leaving (altho that said currently i am still working out with her twice a week), the slim sessions not working out, hurting my back...even tho im back at the gym i cant do boxing classes or combat joints cant handle body attack...ive got no coordination when it comes to leaves me a whole 3 classes to do pump, cycling and balance. Now i do enjoy all 3 of those classes...but they arent on every day and well bottom line i really am a lazy ass! 12WBT starts on monday and i will at least have her workouts...i really suck at working by myself whilst classes i do good with and why they suit me so much better!! I really need to commit and get in a routine. I really have no routine at the moment. Before my back injury...mondays was a big exercise day...Monday night is boxing, combat and abs classes...i really cant do any of them at the moment cos of my back ..... pisses me off quite frankly lol...UGH...there is a RPM class but i really dont like to stay at the gym as late as 7.30pm. So as I said something needs to change....i just dont bloody know what yet!

Foodwise things mostly are going good. I have cut out the diet coke (im on day 6 of no diet coke)...and been having blended juices this week...2 so all is good in that sense...altho i did go over calories today...eek! This morning i was spot on 80 we will wait and see what happens in the morning!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Gym day...

Another saturday, another gym day lol :) Trained with Fiona this morning...we have been doing a exercise where you sit on a exercise ball...then place both your feet on another fit ball...and then remove hands from the fitball and then balance LOL...i actually managed to do it longer then fiona this morning ;) im convinced it had to do with the grip on my new shoes lol but still...and actually managed to get down to 44 kilos on the assisted pull up machine :) Then did body pump and then body balance. Fiona "gifted" me today...gave me a gym exercise now i have two to practice with at home and also some "body composition scales"...they weighed me about 400 grams higher then mine...they measured the kilos in muscle i am which was 52 kilos (i weigh 81.4 kilos), they also measure visceral fat...1-12 is the healthy range, 13-59 is in the unhealthy range...and mine was 6 :)that is pretty impressive in my books....ill weigh myself tomorrow morning and then keep track of them in the mornings.

the good news tho was the scales dropped again! was 81.5 kilos on my scales this dropped 700 grams...1 kilo in the last two days *phew*...the funny thing i noticed today is my flashdance pants are obviously getting looser around my waist...they keep falling down below the top of my undies...half of the gym is prolly aware now i wear bonds knickers lol I just checked my waist and it isnt any maybe the top of my hip area has changed shape a lil or reduced...i dont measure there so not sure.

And here is my tentative workout routine for this week:

m - physio + 45 mins cardio (unless im too sore)
t - swiss ball + studio cycle + pump
w - studio cycle + 60 mins cardio
t - train with fiona
f - 60 mins cardio + pump
s - train with fiona + pump + balance

My sessions with fiona may change but this is a tentative schedule....only one i may not do is pump on tuesday nights...its sometimes hard to get a spot in the room so will play that one by ear.

Food has been good today...a high calorie day....1800 chocolate again (yay me!) dinner will be a yiros. And ive eaten pretty much all whole foods (only a muesli bar wasnt...its a carmens one...which the only thing besides nuts and seeds is some rice syrup which i know is not great....but not the worse option either.

Day 3 of no diet coke is going good...altho i do wish i could drink something with bloomin flavour! (apart from things like lemon etc) no headache so far but ive been taking painkillers twice a day to avoid any far so good :)

Friday, February 03, 2012

Finally the scales dropped...

Well the scales dropped this morning :) Not a big drop...just 300 grams...but it wasnt a gain! And thats what is important...i was really starting to wonder if i had a medical thing going on like my liver crapping itself or something (when bigger my liver was very poorly) But ate 1400 cals and it went im eating 1200 cals. The differences was i had no diet coke and no chocolate (day 2 of neither of them)...and i cut out the carbs at night...cant believe i had started eating them every night again...eek!!

Ever since i hurt my back ive not got back into the gym properly...i go a few days...then skip a few days....i really need to knuckle down. Part of the problem is i cant do boxing or combat classes anymore cos it hurts my back...monday nights the only classes on at the gym is boxing, combat and a abs class...which means i cant do any of those classes (well i can do the abs class but half of it is crunches which i am not suppose to be doing)...tuesday and saturdays i tend to work out with fiona...which is fine. I need to get my act together and make cycle on wednesday nights and pump on friday nights. So monday and thursday nights i really need to do my "own" stuff (which im not very motivated to do!) I need to just committ and get my ass into gear!!

Bought some new gym shoes balance ones...purple and green ones "very fresh" ones lol and nice new will give them a work out tomorrow at the gym :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Well on December 31 i started eating 1200 calories....the first two weeks i lost 3.9 kilos....ive now put that all back on. I have been eating 1200 cals (except days like saturday when going out for dinner...but id burnt 1724 cals that day) so i think ive come to the conclusion 1200 cals doesnt work for me. I have been thinking i wasnt losing on 1400 calories....but what i have forgotten is over the last few months i have increased from 2-4 days per week to 5-6 days per week (except today when i spat it! LOL) So i went back to Jillians calculations i use to use....with my exercise lose half a kilo a week....i could eat 1703 calories a day...of course as well if i am wanting to lean up more with have to "feed the muscle" The other thing as I have thought about it I never use to eat carbs at ive been doing numerous michelle bridges meals...(like her pizzas, thai chicken burgers etc) when i think about it now....saturday - wednesday night....carbs every friggin night!!!! DUH!!! Dont get me wrong i dont avoid carbs....only at dinner i have weetbix for b/fast....sandwich at i dont do no carbs....just never found it works for me at night. So back to my meat and vegies with some feta cheese for dinner. I think its prolly also time to cut out the chocolate and diet coke :( Much to my disgust LOL. I didnt drink as much today...only 2 cans which unbelievably is a i wanna give it a try for a carbs at night except saturday night (which was always my rule) ..... no diet coke and no chocolate....and stick to the calorie cycling of 1485 calories...with the aim to lose 500 grams from whatever weight i am tomorrow morning. I stepped on the scales earlier....they werent looking good so suspect a gain in the morning. If I still am not losing ill try a week at 1700 cals...but i wont jump the gun to that just yet either.

The other thing is i want to focus a lil more on getting more protein in to "feed the muscle" as i ill try and have a protein shake each day....and back to having my tahini or peanut butter with my banana. So i think a lil more focus on the quality of foods im eating...while i do eat mostly clean etc when only eating 1200 cals...i tend to avoid eating those good foods like avocado, tahini, peanut butter, and protein shakes :) im just hoping these changes work....getting up every day and seeing the scales increase is really doing my head in...if they plateaud out id prolly understand but gaining is bizarre! And ive never really done that in the past ... so we will see what happens. Fingers crossed.

I know also partly i have a lil bit of stress going on in my head....i dont tend to lose when that im purposely trying to relax tonite...and hoping for a good sleep tonight (didnt sleep well last nite)

Tomorrow off to the gym....some cardio and then body balance.

I am suspecting ive hurt my achilles again too (I swear my body is falling apart) its not sore but i was feeling tightness in it while sitting at my desk at work today....weird too cos its my good foot...ill do my stretches tonite tho....