Friday, February 24, 2012

And yet another change...

Well the scales are still all over the place. Everytime i get under 79 kilos i follow it up the next day gaining a kilo or more. Wednesday morning i was 79.4 kilos...thursday morning 80.2 kilos and this morning 80.3 kilos. Anyway ive done a lot of reading tonight. Ive realised now im so close to "goal" my approach needs to change (i think and of course this i will have to run past my slim coach) anyway quite consistently i am reading i am not eating enough. I remember numerous time Jillian talking about losing the last 10 kilos or so that you need to have a deficit of a maximum of 700 cals...ideally 500 cals...mine is prolly much higher then that (ie not eating enuff) anyway i have been reading a thread today on myfitnesspal which basically says....when you have a big deficit (which is fine and what you want when you have a lot of weight to lose) you lose not only fat, but also some muscle tissue and fluid etc....once you get smaller you basically wanna minimise the muscle to minimise the muscle need to lose slower...building muscle as you go....because there is not as much of you need to hold on to it as much as you can. Not sure if i have explained this properly but reading it makes sense. So anyway it was basically saying for every pound you should eat 12 calories to maintain your weight. So for me thats 2119 calories...they then say you need a deficit of around basically what im going to test is 1690 calories the days i dont exercise (which is what my fitness pal also sets as my cals before exercise) and 2000 calories on days i exercise...anyday tho i burn 1000 calories or more i will up it to 2500 calories. This all seems hard to me cos im starting to get "scared" about eating cos im worried about gaining...but at the same time i am starting to realise the focus needs to be more on being lean and strong then a number on the scales....i dont know if im on the right answer...but im going to try it for a week (presuming my food coach doesnt have a major issue with it) The other thing i am doing is restricting to one grainy carb meal per day and increase the good foods like nuts, avocado, protein, and fruits and vegies. Today ive definitely eaten higher protein and lots of good foods...brazil nuts, a blended up fruit juice drink, steak, mushrooms, spinach, protein bar, eggs, turkey sandwich, banana with tahini....lots of food with lots of nutrients....and who knows tomorrow i may be up a kilo but i have to keep reminding myself that its really now at the point where its about creating a stronger, healthier and leaner me...not necessarily someone who weighs less.

I also need some other goals to focus till the end of march (at least):

*workout/attend the gym 4 times a week
*do one pump class per week
*do one boxing class per week
*do one cycle class per week
*keep up with my no diet coke and a minimum of 1.8 litres of water per day
*eat 1690 calories on non exercise days and 2000 calories on days i work out (and 2500 cals if i burn over 1000 calories)

I will also still be working on my goal to do one unassisted chin up.

My only focus in relation to the scales is to stay under 82 kilos...if i hit that with no reduction in body fat % or measurements then i will reasses....but as long as the body fat % keeps dropping and the measurements improve then its okay :)

So fingers crossed this works....cos my brain seriously needs a break from all this scale-crazyness !

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kazz. There's so much trial and error to this weight loss game isn't there?! I'm calorie counting through my fitness pal and there's always a lot of discussion about eating exercise calories back on the forums. At this point in time I don't eat them and I lose approx 1kg a week, but I wonder whether will change. I don't eat many carbs apart from those from veggies because I don't lose a gram when I do. So far, I've lost 37kg in 6 months and I have another 26 to go before reaching goal.