Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Sundy!!

I decided since my weight can be quite up and down at the moment i wont be announcing any numbers on the scales till i am under 77 kilos and maintain it for 3 days (so could be a couple of years before i do another "i weigh..............." post lol) The increasing of my calories and focusing on protein, good fats, fruits and vegetables seems to be working tho. I dont feel as hungry as I have been :) plus i love knowing im getting a wider variety of nutrients. Whilst i wont announce my weight....i will keep a eye on the body fat and measurements. Im still weighing daily (its worked for me for over 5 will continue to do so - and as a side note to those who think they need to post to tell me "your weight fluctuates daily" yes i know this... obviously with the weight i have already lost i am more then educated on the weight loss process)

Yesterday i! Today i am off tho...then work monday and tuesday and have wednesday off....thursday i have a inspection of my wednesday morning will be cleaning...wednesday afternoon will be spent at the gym :) So my workout plan for this week is....

monday : body pump
tuesday : training with fiona
wednesday : training with nora + 1 hour boxing + 45 minute cycle class
thursday : body balance
friday :
saturday : training with fiona

This is my week i work lates so cant make a lot of group fitness classes...thankfully i do have wednesday off tho. So im planning to be at the gym 7am tomorrow morning but i doubt ill go in early any other days...i do like my sleep ins lol. Maybe ill get really keen and do body balance on tuesday morning and combat friday morning....we will see!!

Im a bit glad March is nearly here as I have booked a few annual leave having 4 days off the weekend march 9 and hopefully the weekend 24th march...i so far have off the friday, saturday, monday, tuesday and wednesday....hoping ill manage to get a swap for wednesday and can take the sunday off instead which will give me 5 days off....and even better then that is I have some of my dads family coming down from queensland for my cousins birthday. So my Auntie i saw nearly 2 years ago but also a aunt and uncle (my dads brother) and their family....who i havent seen for 30 years!!!! Im super excited about that :)

Not much else going on...have a fab sunday all :)

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