Monday, February 27, 2012

Weigh in :)

Today has been a good day :) I really feel my eating is on track. I like this more protein and good fats...i havent been feeling hungry between meals and i have been having some yummy food (turkey, feta cheese and avocado!!! yummmm)

As of this morning i was showing a loss for the week...but i went to the gym and according to their scales i had gained 700 grams...but i had drunk 2.4 litres of water during the day...will wait and expecting to be around the same weight in the morning as i was today so think its water or there scales were praying like crazy i dont have some huge gain in the morning cos im at a number this morning thats been a bit of a voodoo for me....but we will wait and so...i have feel confident....but i swear when i saw that increase at the gym tonight i nearly burst into tears LOL but i was tuff and maintained my compusure.

At the gym tonight...walked past this girl who stopped me and asked me if it was me in the magazine...when I said yes....she then told me I was her inspiration when she joined the gym and that she has gone on to lose 12 kilos....was such a nice moment! Its really lovely to think what I have done helps others. :)

Anyway not much else going 26 no diet coke...nearly at a month...and i have NEVER lasted over a month...and no chocolate since friday! Busy day then training with doubt more running around that bloody North Adelaide Football Club lol....enjoy all :)

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Chris H said...

Wow... how neat to know you have inspired others.
I could not go without my diet coke.