Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another good, good day!!

Had another good day. Was on 2000 calories per day....I managed to do that quite well...lots of super healthy food....goji berries, chia seeds, tahini, banana, turkey, baby spinach, milk, avocado, feta cheese, protein bar, protein shake, chicken, tomatos...thats a whole heap of good foods and nutrients! Plus i had a caramello bear...treated myself lol

Scale wise...im 100 grams down on what I was last week...not a big loss....but it is a loss....i feel like what Im doing is good food wise...with luck it will get the scales moving but at the very least I am maintaining and getting lots of nutrients into my body :)

Worked out with fiona tonight....she is mean I swear lol...lots of running around the football oval...up and down the grandstand stairs...then we went to a playground and used some equipment to do some crazy strength exercises....I might have whinged a lot whilst doing all that LOL Burnt 580 calories...and are 2000 calories...so right on track! Tomorrow as I should burn in excess of 1000 calories i am eating 2500 cals....so tomorrow morning kangaroo sausages, and eggs for breakfast followed by a protein shake :) I have the day off work...so cleaning the house in the morning (after a delightful sleep in) then tomorrow afternoon my first PT session with my new trainer...then a appointment with the gym to discuss the seminar I am going to be doing there :) Then im going to do my first boxing class since last november! Ive had some instruction on improving my form....so hopefully my back handles it then going to do cycling class .... should be a good busy day! Just how I like it.

My weight loss story was in works online newsletter today....which was nice :) Even got a email from someone quite high up in the company saying my story was "uplifting" :)

Enjoy your hump day tomorrow all!

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