Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One productive day...

Such a productive day! This morning I cleaned the house....all nice and tidy (honestly wasnt TOO messy so didnt really take long) After lunch I then went to the gym...did my first PT session with my new trainer....was a good session...she asked me what my goals for the foxy challenge is...and told her to focus on my legs....and she knows of my goal to do was really good. We did stuff for both....most is too complicated to explain...but she did have me do one legged squats....and I might have suggested part way thru having a nap *laughs* which was a bit of a tradition in my sessions with Fiona! lol But was all good....I burnt 294 calories during my PT session.

I then saw the gym manager about the seminar....we have pinpointed a date for it....she just has to run it past the other staff. So things are progressing in that area. We talked about what Ill talk about....that in the days leading up to it i can go in and practice get comfortable with the microphone etc.

Then i did a boxing class...i hadnt done one since last so out of condition for those classes! Such hard work but feels so good i did it. And did burn a amazing 775 cals in a hour in it which was awesome....but i havent even done a burpee in over 3 months so not surprising with the stuff she had us do...and my back has not had any pain...i could "feel" it afterwards but it wasnt painful. Didnt stay for the cycle class...was a different instructor plus i was beyond was able to get home by 6pm which was nice.

Overall was a really good day...I feel now convinced its the right move with the personal trainer...and it will complement well with my workouts with fiona which are primarily cardio with some strength work....i think those 3 workouts...then adding in at least one class of boxing, pump and balance each week i think will be a good mix of flexibility, cardio and strength. I think my goal after foxy and after i can do these to build up my fitness more for burpees and for being able to lie down on the ground and jump up and do something....that i really suck really regardless if i am maintaining or not ill still have fitness goals to meet! (Ive never met a fitness goal yet...but surely sooner or later i have to meet one!)

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