Thursday, March 01, 2012

"My Number"

I made a big decision today :) After months of the scales not moving too much and even when they would sneak under 79 kilos to jump up over 79 kilos the following day (has happened 5 times) so I was thinking about it yesterday....and i think quite a while ago i knew i would not get to 72 kilos....and i had been thinking just get to 77 kilos...just into the healthy weight range which was the initial goal....but after thinking about 2-2.5 kilos of that healthy weight range....really my life is not going to dramatically change if i could get to 77 kilos....and while i am a lil saddened to think i am not going to have that moment when i step on the scales and see 77 kilos...ive come to accept that 79 kilos is "my" really doesnt change anything...still going to eat 1690 cals the days i dont exercise....2000 cals the days i do exercise...still going to track my food...still going to have my fitness goals (the current one is to do one unassisted chin up - which trust me i am a LONG way off doing lol) i must admit today ive felt like a weight has lifted off my shoulders....but its so surprising to think i am not thinking 'okay time for KFC' lol i think for years i thought when i get to goal...ill go do a "KFC run" but im so glad its not even been a different eating to what i would normally do! :) So my "weight loss goal" now is to not go over 82 kilos any day over the next year...and on March 1 next year to be under 80 kilos still :) I think its important i really keep a eye on it by doing it this way. Theres still more work on my fitness to be get stronger...more far from done but i truly felt like now was the right time to do this...and this is a good weight for me :)

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Pinky said...

Well congratulations on reaching this number and decision.
Good luck with the "maintenance" phase of your journey.