Friday, March 02, 2012


The scales were up this morning....altho i checked on the body fat scales tonight (ive been advised best to weigh on them around 6pm) anyway my body fat was 27.8% :) Which is down 0.2%

Whilst the scales are up...i couldnt work out why....till i thought about it....from my reading i had come to the conclusion that if i burn over 1000 calories a day to eat 2500 calories...i burnt over 1100 on but was worried i would gain so only ate 2060. Its hard to suddenly eat so much...but if im to believe what ive read thats what I need to do. Whilst i am "theoretically" maintaining i still want to monitor everything i am far from weighing in just once a month or for that matter once a week. And going back to what works best for my body im going back to calories cycling with it. This week I am on the gym is easily doable this will be burning at least 500 calories monday - theoretically eat 2000 calories 6 days per week...and sunday i wont exercise so thats a 1690 calorie when i work that out over the week....then work out cycling of cals...that balances out to 1955 cals day...or my cycle starting tomorrow will look like this:

saturday 2200
sunday 1600
monday 1900
tuesday 1800
wednesday 2300
thursday 1750
friday 2100

That should hopefully stop my body adjusting and as much as i love my weetbix for breakfast and banana and tahini for morning snack im going to dig up some recipes this weekend maybe make some healthy muffins to vary getting some different foods in....and ill try some different breakfasts....and see how this goes ;) I think the other thing is exercise ive been slack lately....really need to get my ass onto excuse this week since i am on earlies!

Its weird not worrying about losing weight but damn now im worried about gaining! LOL just another mindset i think which i need to master.

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