Saturday, March 03, 2012

feeling least mentally..

Today is a much better not talking on the scales i mean mentally. One thing that happens when i struggle with the scales is my brain goes into overdrive. This morning i worked out with fiona....and she commented you have Nora as a additional trainer...your just starting back at the scales arent moving and a lot is going on in your head. Since that chat ive been really trying to focus on just trying to relax a bit. And i feel better for it. She is right there are changes going on...and soemtimes i need to cust myself some flack.

This morning we did shuttle runs and between them pushups...burpees...squats....ran up the 40 steps 10 times with 10 squats in between them and then back to my place where we did a lil bit of stuff with the fitball and viper equipment. So burnt 526 eating was on track as well (ive learnt today now im so close to goal i should be aiming for a net of ive hit 1351 net....which seems good...) It seems the days my "net" is too low (sometimes its been as low as 400 2 days later i have a sizeable gain)

After working out went to the local lil RSPCA op shop....bought 8 tops...and 1 pair of trousers....the tops were all size 10 & 12 and small and medium...all fitted me really nice except one medium top which was way too big... :)

After i got home i suddenly got super tired....ended up falling asleep for a hour....i felt exhausted...not sure why!!

Going to be a early night tonite i can tell already...not even 7.30pm and i am yawning! lol

Since it is the start of March...i thought id review really what i did achieve in february....

* gave up diet coke....ive now gone 31 days without it :)
* Finally got back to boxing classes and it didnt affect my back
* Started working out with a additional personal trainer
* The gym asked me to do a public speaking seminar on my journey (at this stage this will be on May 4)
* The start of the month I was hovering around 82 the end of the month i seemed to be on average sitting around 79-80.5 kilos

So it wasnt as bad a month as i thought. For this week my activity is going to be :

sunday - 6km walk
monday - 30 mins boxing + 45 mins body combat
tuesday - 60 mins workout with Fiona
wednesday - 60 mins boxing (i should be able to get there in time for this class) + 45 mins cycle class
thursday - 30 mins PT with Nora + 30 mins xtrainer
friday - 60 mins body pump
saturday - 60 mins workout with Fiona

Quite a different workout plan compared to the last few weeks...just gotta see it thru now ;)

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Steph said...

That's interesting. I seem to have stalled at 15kg and can't get any more off. I know some days I don't eat enough, I think that's something I need to work on. Thank for mentioning it!