Wednesday, March 07, 2012

no more complacency...

Well ive been home sick today....ive been feeling very run down since the weekend and had the sniffles on and off and woke with saw eyes and headaches...i was seriously annoyed cos not only was i not working but i was suppose to go to a seminar tonite about being a lifecoach but was thinking i will need to skip it...but lucky me....they rang about 4.30pm to say its been cancelled and they will simply book me into the next session (which isnt till June)

The last few days my eating has been off track. Its prolly related to being overtired i suspect. My exercise over the last week or so has been good i really need to focus on my eating. I think part of it is i need to reassess. Ive got slack thinking "it doesnt matter when i lose this last 5 kilos" a level of complacency has come over me. And i think some of it is....i still dont have the "life" i wanted....i didnt believe i would make goal in the beginning but when i thought about what i wanted all those years ago....i guess it was that life that i just think everyone else has thats unattainable to me.....the fabulous social that good stuff. And i think with that i need to start to focus on goals...not just weight loss goals....

* reach 75 kilos
* stick to a "net" of 1400 calories
* get my drivers licence
* decide once and for all whether to study to be a PT or nutrition
* commit to starting to study
* stop avoiding things...or signing up for things and then backing out (crossfit, bootcamp come to mind with this)
* give this running thing a real go and decide if they do a running group again at the gym whether to do it or not
* stop avoiding things cos i'm either scared of rejection or failure (was listening to Jillian today she is getting into my head too much)

Im suppose to be starting the foxy challenge the week after next...not sure about that the slim sessions arent going as well as i would have liked. I think im going to try and change slim coaches.

Ive decided im not going to weigh in on my scales till monday morning...just gonna get back on track for 4 or 5 days without the expection of the scales (will see if i manage to do this! ) not sure if it will work....but with luck despite my bad eating over the last 2 days i will be under 80 kilos by monday morning...thats my only goal!

So thats the aim...less complacency...less worrying and more doing!

I booked in today for my Dexa scan for when in Sydney....booked for monday april 30 at will be so nice then to have a concrete number to be aiming for.

Sarah gave me some preloved Lorna Jane clothes last nite...and one of them was a pair of 3/4 navy pair....SIZE SMALL....and they fit! So excited! And my legs dont look horendous in thighs still look big but passable....ive looked at girls wearing pants like this for ages thinking they would look awful on me...while ill shop for tops i HATE shopping for anything for my bottom half...but i might have to buy some more when i get back from sydney (in saving mode till then!)

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