Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well last nite was yummy food and great company!!! Had bruschetta and a pasta dish followed by a hot chocolate....we musta enjoyed ourselves since it was after 11pm getting in from dinner LOL

Today i have filled the fridge up with vegies and i am RATHER freaking sore!! LOL pretty much every body part except my calves LOL....and lifting my arms above my head is close to impossible ... poor me hehe ;) musta been one good workout!! So i have sat down and worked out my exercise plan this week...the annoying thing about this bloody back of mine these days is monday nights the only real classes is boxing and combat which i cant do at the have to do my own workouts on mondays (hello stair climbing!)...

mon - cardio till i reach 620 cals.
tues - training with Fiona
wed - cycling class
thurs - hour of cardio + body balance
fri - body pump
sat - training with fiona + body pump + body balance

Unexpectedly going out for dinner tonite...was going to have a 290 calorie home made pizza....instead ill have a greek lamb salad....i reckon it prolly increases my calories by 100 cals so no huge drama :)

I had opened my facebook group for questions again today (think i might make this a monthly thing) so i have a few questions to add to the FAQ that will be updated with the new questions soon :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fab day :)

Well yesterday i had gastro :( Each time i ate i was running to the loo...wasnt a whole heck of fun! But i did have a sizeable loss overnight and back under 80 kilos (the benefits of gastro? lol)

But im much better today....did have a lil dizzy spell in the shower this morning but that may have been that the shower was too hot (seem to be having a few dizzy spells lately...ack! Which i am contributing to being sick/heat)

Today i gymmed it. Trained with fiona. A bunch of weight/resistance exercise with 1000 jumps of the skipping rope!! Then i did a hour of body pump and a hour of body balance. I dont really like the latest release of body pump but we did older releases today which i loved!! LOVED!!! I realised today I need bloomin new gym shoes! ack!! I was going to book the hotel this week for Sydney but that now have to wait a couple of esecially considering how my foot has been playing up its time for a visit to athletes foot this weekend!! After the gym i picked up michelle bridges new cookbook...tomorrow i will sit down and do some menu planning for the coming week! (i want to be down to 78.5 kilos by next saturday) I then went to rebel sport...while i LOVE LJ becoming a bit of fan of running bare...i like the cut of their clothes....and rebel sport often has them got a singlet i saw a few weeks ago and yep on special :) $15 its pink with green writing and says on it "its a girl thing" hehe love it....there was also one that said "girls girls girls" but thought that might sound like i was offering myself up for a date at the gym LOL and the bigger bonus is size 10 fits me perfectly.

Tonight out for dinner with martine. Burnt 1724 calories today, so really dont have to stress about the meal...bruschetta and a main of my choice :)

Thinking tomorrow the DOMs will kick in....i certainly was feeling my arms after fionas session in pump...which is crazy considering i only had 2.5 kilos on each end of the bar! LOL Today was really the first day of us focusing on upper body work so i can reach that goal of doing one unassisted pushup...think someone is going to have more definition in her shoulders/chest/back in a few months time!!! -rawr-

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Disaster!!!

yesterday was a disaster A EATING DISASTER!!! And i could use every excuse under the motivation from not exercising, tired blah blah....but the reality was i was just a big ass and lost focus! Never up this morning...was 82.8 kilos on the scales :( Have stuck to 1200 calories today. And before each can of diet coke (I had 3) I drank 600 mls of water before each can of going to focus on keeping that up.

I have one hour of overtime to do in the morning and then its DONE! weeee!!! Cannot wait for 5.30pm tomorrow when its done...this has been the longest freaking week! And now the focus wont be on doing focus will be back to where it should be...the gym and getting to goal :) So tomorrow nite i will gym it..and wont be leaving the gym till ive burnt 600 calories...ill do the same as i did monday nite...21 flights of stairs....then the xtrainer followed by walking on the treadmill on a incline...mite even venture and do some light rowing (need to be cautious cos of my back)

Looking forward to the weekend....Gym saturday morning...out for dinner with Martine saturday nite and then getting this house organised ... its been rather neglected lately! Ive been working, eating, sleeping and thats about it! In the last 10 days ive only worked out twice...need to get back onto that!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ahhhh those scales....

Im expecting the scales to be up in the morning. Not cos i have eaten anything wrong. This morning i was still 78.9 kilos but tonight i noticed the scales are higher then i would like. Its not that I have eaten anything wrong...think its just other stuff going on. For the last week i have been doing overtime most days plus i only had sunday off last weekend not a whole 2 days too tired with the overtime to get to the gym as im just trying to get thru to this weekend...3 days left and then its done. Ill have the money for the accomodation for Sydney...all ive got left to save for then is the filex convention...all doable! But no more overtime for a while after this week its too friggin hard with my other goals in life. So this week ive only exercised once...and i prolly wont exercise till saturday morning. Also the weather has been while im sleeping okay...prolly not as well as usual...and possibly ive got some fluid retention. So my aim is to get to the end of the week...and get back on track exercise wise as off saturday. Ive still been eating 1200-1280 calories...but i need to get the exercise going too.

My focus the next few months will be focusing on upper strength so i can reach that goal on a unassisted chin up by the end of 12WBT...will be interesting to see how my body changes over the next few months seeing as im doing lean and strong and focusing on the upper strength. Think i will take some close up shots of my back and upper chest...flexing to see the changes LOL

Not much else going on...short, sharp, shiny update today!

Monday, January 23, 2012


So task 3 for 12WBT is goal here we i prolly should preface this by saying ive decided after chatting to fiona to do the lean & strong program...i will be within 5 kilos of goal...and as i am constantly battling these foot issues a focus on cardio is prolly not im prolly close to that point where its time to focus on strength stuff.

So at the end of the 12WBT (mid may):

- so as i plan to be between 77 and 78 kilos at the start of 12WBT i want to at least reach 72 kilos...which would mean a loss of 500 grams per week...but the "dream" would be to get down to 68 kilos ... which would mean a loss of 830 grams per week (that is actually doable I feel)
- to fit into a pair of black LJ flashdance pants size medium
- to fit into a pair of LJ camoflague pants size medium
- to fit into a pair of size 10 jeans (from jeanswest)
- to do one pull up (unassisted)
- to be back to boxing classes
- to be able to do 10 full & low pushups

At the end of 12 months:

- to still be maintaining my weight in the healthy weight range
- to have completed the eureka stair climb (92 flights)
- to be working towards my goals of "giving back"
- to be able to do 10 full proper burpees
- to be able to do 10 full proper tricep dips

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Added some frequently asked questions on the right hand side for anyone interested :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weigh in :)

Three days with no post! Bad bad kazz ;) Weighed in this morning was sitting at 79.1 have lost 1.9 kilos this week....3.9 kilos in the last 2 think sitting around 1220 cals per day is definitely working (YAY) So getting to 78 kilos by 13 feb and 72 kilos by 23rd march is all on track :))

Ive decided to go to Sydney in April and filex (fitness industry 3 day convention) booked the flights thursday i need to save for accomodation and the cost of the convention. So thursday and friday i did overtime...and this week im doing overtime 4 days...then i should pretty much have paid either the accomodation or filex :) I then wont do overtime for a few weeks...but i will do it again when we are on the late starts again (starting 1-2 hours earlier doesnt affect my gym time) I wont have much free time while there but im certainly looking forward to the trip...and wrapped that i dont have to worry about fitting into airplane seats!

I finally got into my "Large" size black flashdance pants....super excited to make some progress there....the camoflague ones are still too tight....maybe when i get to 77 kilos they will fit me. Not much else to say...i havent even been to the gym! LOL slack arse i am....but back there monday class...but will do some stairs and xtrainer and maybe practice some of the dreaded fitball stuff fiona wants me practicing (im so not a lover of the fitball!)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enjoying the journey.

Something I learnt when I started training with Fiona was that I always was more successful when i "enjoyed the journey". You are prolly reading that thing WTF!?! who enjoys dieting and exercise? Food is food...regardless what diet/eating plan you are doing...try different foods....try different recipes. Discovering new foods that you enjoy, stepping out of your comfort zone and not eating the same foods all the time will enable you to make new discoveries. When you don't look at it is as chore...when its important to you and you feel like you are accomplishing something...the self satisfaction you will encounter will enable you to enjoy it. Accomplishing doesnt mean just a number on the scales....its that feeling at the end of the night were you feel proud cos you had a good eating day...its discoverring a new food and thinking "how will i incorporate that into my cooking?"...its the clothes getting looser...its the self pride you feel for knowing you are doing your best to become the best you, you can be.

Im not a exercise how do I enjoy that part of the journey? Good question! LOL Actually the answer is about self pride again...when i walk out of the gym and know i tried my hardest....when i do something at the gym that 6 months i couldnt do...when i look in the mirror and see the changes...self pride equals happiness (in my eyes anyway)

Don't look at exercise or nutrition as torture...or a chore...cos if you do...then thats what it becomes.

When we take control we empower ourselves and with that comes the pride. Think back to when you werent on this weight loss journey...did you feel pride? Did you feel happiness? In relation to how you felt about yourself probably not. Certainly other parts of your life may have been great but the "internal you" most likely wasnt feeling great. And thats why when we take control even just that first step we feel that lil bit better about ourselves....and other time with each step we feel happier and happier. For me i have now got a place where i feel internally there is a "lightness" to not filled with doom and gloom that holds me back and makes me unhappy....yes life isnt perfect just cos i have lost weight....but there is a part of my life that is happier...and that makes dealing with life as a whole easier. It truly just gives you a appreciation for how good life can truly be :)

So big lesson last nite....on hot days i think i need a extra snack right before i work out and maybe some extra water. Had a dizzy spell last nite that didnt completely go away whilst exercising. It was whilst doing the xtrainer i started to get it...but when climbing stairs it got significantly worse. But lesson learnt :) Whilst i was talking about goals yesterday (and yes i realise maintenance will be a big goal)....i wasnt thinking about the fact i want to do the eureka tower climb in Melbourne in november. Its 90 flights of stairs lol and is in the top 10 stair climbs in the world (more stairs then the empire state building) so i really need to start working towards that NOW. I basically need to work up to "9 lots" of the stairwell at the gym....which is 63 flights of stairs and equals the same number of stairs. Last october i had built up to "5 lots" so 35 basically its 10 months to work towards it...completely doable.

This morning the scales dropped by 100 grams this morning so down to 79 kilos, wooot woooo getting awfully close to 77 kilos....i may just be in the "healthy weight range" when 12wbt starts....definitely 1200 calories works for me after the last 6 months of last year sitting around 83 kilos....its nice to finally see some results. When i wore my XL flashdance pants last nite i noticed they are definitely sitting looser and longer on me. I reckon by the time i get to 77 kilos i will be able to wear my L size flashdance pants and be getting close enough to train in them. Im even starting to think about come september i am having a week off....and i think ill take a holiday (am also going to sydney in April for 4 days)...nowhere overly expensive...either gold coast and brisbane or possibly a week in bali or fiji since the prices for asia seem to have dropped so much...will wait and see closer to the time before i make any real decisions.

Anyway...have a good wednesday all!! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Once at goal...

This morning the scales said 79.1 kilos :) 91.8 kilos wow wow!!! So happy!!! So i have 2.1 kilos to get to the healthy weight range. Im aiming for a goal weight of 72 kilos which i want to reach by 23/3/12....and im quietly confident of doing that. I think 72 kilos will probably be a good weight for me to sit at....once i get there i may try and lose another 4 kilos...but i somehow think 72 kilos may be where i settle.

Getting so close to goal brings something to the forefront which has been in the back of my mind for quite a while. I have been at this weight loss gig for 5.5 years...its been a huge goal....everything i have done has pretty much been about what the scales will say the next day/week. What I ate ... whether i socialised....going to the gym....getting enough sleep at night....and always at the end of it was the scales...or whether my clothes were getting looser etc. One thing this journey has made me realise is i need goals in my life....if i have a goal...i focus and work towards my brain is now will my next goal be??? Will it focus on getting a social simply live my life more....i have said for a long time id like to study to be a personal still like too...but i know getting well paying jobs in the fitness industry is hard (and yes its not all about money its about enjoying your job....but i obviously have bills that would need to be paid!) be a personal trainer you need to be able to show the different exercises and be able to show them properly....i can't LOL things like pushups...burpees for example....i always thought when i got smaller id be able to do these things "properly" but i still can't lol....and i highly doubt ill ever truly be able too...the other thing is i dont have a great record when it comes to studying....its a lot of money to spend....if im going to get half way thru and then give up.

So if i dont study to be a personal trainer...what goals in life (not necessarily a career) am i going to go for? I know a lot of people get to goal then they get into marathon running, or cycling or triathlons or whatever....they will never be for me.

Yes i would like to get into motivational speaking and my new site is being worked on which will hopefully lead me to being able overtime to help people with their weight loss battles...but that will all take time.

If i decide to try to travel...well its expensive when your love to go on a cruise...but going by myself i dont think id enjoy...going to somewhere like bali or fiji i dont think id feel safe by myself....(and ive discussed the whole lack of friends thing recently) so bottom line...yep ill be at goal within a few months....but then what the hell to do next!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank you.

I wanted to firstly say thank you for all the supportive comments i got on my journal and facebook following my post on the excess skin issue. I went to bed wondering why other peoples opinions were getting to me so much...and why i was so sensitive about this subject. I realise tho - the perfectionist on me sees the excess skin as a "failure" and people shoving down my throat what they think just kind of hammers it into me a lil bit more that i failed. I know realistically i have done a great job with my weight loss...i know i did the right things and eat mostly clean and exercise and do weight work....but i guess i feel i "failed" because i am not one of the people whose skin bounced back. But as i said last is what it is...and the excess skin is a lot better deal then dealing with being obese!!!!

Anyway onto other stuff....the scales are looking good tonight!!! im a lil excited about jumping on them in the morning ;)

I had today off....and spent the day at rare for me to be able to spend the entire day at home...but was so nice...washing got got done and i got plenty of time to relax :) I have the next two days off too - YAY :) Tomorrow nite i am training with Fiona...during the day no real plans...i could go to the gym during the day as well but i prolly wont lol...instead ill get some more stuff done around the house....and relax some planning to try and start doing some overtime over the next few weeks to help cash me up for Sydney in will make the most of the relaxation whilst i can.

Photos were uploaded from the resolution run on friday i have uploaded a few for you all to view :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Excess Skin....

There is a topic of conversation which of late pisses me off. See,,,,anytime i say "excess skin" people are jumping on the band wagon of telling me to have excess skin surgery...if i say its not what I want I am being told i am "crazy" or "silly" or they just try to get their point across. Now i respect everyone may have a opinion on the topic itself....but i dont respect everyone having a opinion on what i should do.

From day one of this journey i said....i will have skin surgery if it becomes a health issue. So if it caused infections etc i would talk to the appropriate specialists. Now i dont encounter any health issues associated with my skin, yep i may grumble about it at times (no different to someone grumbling they dont like the size of their nose....or the colour of their hair)....thats my right as a imperfect human being to grumble. So right at this point there is no health reason to get the surgery.

Last year when it became apparrant i would end up with some excess skin,,,,i decided to research it a lil. I firstly visited this journal . To do a mini recap, she had a body lift done on 14 sept 2007, in the first 2 weeks after surgery she had very low blood pressure, internal bleeding fixed by a second visit to surgery, blood transfusions, and extreme constipation. Two months later after infections she was back at the doctors having to have fluid being removed by a needle. She had her surgery mid september and didnt return to work till early december and then only on a part time basis. Three months later part of her scar still required dressing, she still has swelling and the skin is tight limiting her movement and giving her back pain she needs to take anti flammatories for. Four and a half months later the hole in the incision which was taking longer to heal still hadnt healed. Now you can read all that and say well thats to be expected (and keep in mind she still had to have the skin on her arms, breasts and thighs done) but thats 4.5 months of her life. Three months where she was unable to work. For me as I have no health issues relating to my skin I do view it as unnecessary surgery, Ive worked for over 3 years on my fitness levels there is no way I am taking 3 months off to recover from ONE surgery knowing that it wouldnt be the only surgery if I went down that path. And yes this is just one girls story....but trust me there are others. So for those who have the surgery with lil complications and are happy with the results i say more power to them...but for me its not the path i will go down, i am more then happy with my decision as I know it is right for me, what I am not happy with is the responses I get when ever i mention the words "excess skin".

This is a you tube clip, its not all about excess skin surgery but it does show you what the consequences can be, admittedly it appears this girl didnt have the best surgeon she could have had from the closing remarks, but i also discovered she was in hospital for a year recovering (be aware its VERY GRAPHIC)

Not only recovery times, and time out from training....but there is a huge financial cost to take into account, as well as time off work. Financially I am not in a position to afford it and I cannot afford months off work, so they are the final reasons why I wont be having it done.

That said i dont think my excess skin is that bad ... "it is what it is"....any excess skin i have has come about from the person i was....its a reminder to me every day of how far I have come. And I may not always love it but I know it can take up to 2 years once you reach your goal weight to know how the skin will really end up at. Once at goal my intention has always been to build more muscle which will hopefully help, and hopefully my body will adapt to well.

Now that i have said my thoughts on the topic i will say anyone who tries to throw their views at me or suggest i am silly or crazy or any other negative opinion for my decision i will simply delete their comments and if on facebook remove and block them off facebook. I believe i have been very open and honest with my journey, even to the point of taking photos of my excess skin, but this is one topic thats not open to debate...its one topic that people need to let go of and respect my decision.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Resolution Run

We did the resolution run yesterday :) It was a rather hilly course which my ankle really didnt like...we did run some parts of it but mostly walked was really good tho I enjoyed it...I walk 6+ kms at least once a week most weeks so walking 7.5km was okay, altho i do have sore thighs today and a tender ankle but it is all good. Earlier in the day I had done body pump too :) so was a good exercise day. Then went out for something to eat with Fiona and Sarah - we went to Kwik Stix which I had never been to before...3 steamed dimsims and a chicken salad followed by a skim hot chocolate :)

We also discussed yesterday me going to ive pretty much decided i will go presuming i can register...i think i can...if so ill book that this week, then save up for the trip..only gotta then pay flights and accomodation and its not till late april so plenty of time to save for that and SHOPPING money....its being held at Darling Harbor so will be a mini holiday :) So no Lorna Jane shopping for a while, whilst i save LOL

The scales were up to 81 kilos this morning...but one of the dim sims had some soy sauce on them last nite...and when i checked myfitnesspal it said my sodium was 3500 yesterday - ooops! Im such a nazi about my sodium normal and is sometimes as low as 650mg so i know my system wouldnt have liked sure i will be lower by the morning.

Hope everyone has a fab saturday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Under 80 kilos (again lol) and pics :)

I was 79.8 kilos this morning :) But had lunch with mum today so doubt that will last for long! LOL But i was rather good...normally we do entree, main and dessert....i had one piece of bruschetta, we shared a wood oven pizza and i said no to dessert (even when the waitress was saying "you sure you dont want to try one of our cakes?" - i told the girl she is evil ;)) We then went to the movies....mum was like u want anything to take in and i was like no food in the movies! (went and saw girl with the dragon tattoo) and then came home and had a turkey sandwich and a freddo frog. I did also burn 500 calories this morning...i was very happy that i didnt throw the whole day away :)

Tomorrow i am going to do pump at lunch the resolution run and then going out for dinner....and i have all planned what i am having...thai chicken salad :)

I tried on my Large size flashdance pants this morning...i could wear them out now...just not lose enough to workout in....YET but getting there....hopefully only another couple of kilos and i will be right to wear them

Did take a couple of pics today too...ive posted them below :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

80.3 kilos this morning :)

Argh work is so busy!!! So glad i have the next two days off :) I decided as I am going to the gym first thing in the morning and then hopefully back for balance tomorrow nite to skip the gym tonite. So as i wasnt gymming it...i threw on my size 14 black new jeans and a lil grey top with a black jacket...i looked good! Admittedly the top was quite camoflauge with my bad parts of me (like arm wings) but I felt good and I knew it ! LOL very bizarre feeling, and numerous people commented that i looked nice. :)

So in the morning i am off to the doing my first slim session for about 3 months. Only doing it to mostly check my body fat kinda nervous that it may not have gone down. It was about 31.7% last time it was checked....i would love LOVE love it it drops under 30% but since the scales havent moved much over the last few months im not sure that, that will happen. Talking about scales i was down to 80.3 im nearly completely rid of my "xmas fat" - the lowest i got was 79.5 kilos so not far off that.

Then tomorrow i am off for lunch with mum. We do this every year for my birthday instead of giving me a present...usually its a free for all..with entree, mains and dessert....but this year ive already told mum i wont be going nuts with the food. I will have a main meal (prolly pasta or share a wood oven pizza with mum) and then a skim hot chocolate. After we are going to the movies to see "the girl with the dragon tattoo".

Last nite at the gym i was doing a exercise with a cable machine and then fiona goes "youve got muscles" and starts pointing out different muscles and starting to tell me im starting to get ripped LOL (shoulders and arms area) and all i can see is my arm wings of excess fat hanging down :( I swear its like wearing a outfit thats 3 sizes too big for you. And before its asked (its been asked a lot lately) no im not having any excess skin surgery. Tomorrow nite im hoping to get back to the gym in time for balance. But hopefully it will be a nice stress free day (me and my family have moments at times!)

Ive come to the conclusion all my LJ trista singlets (which i have a trillion off) are too big :( So need to get some more in size S. I also found a few new singlets i want lol of course, theres about 4 i want...good lawd!!! hehe they need to stop coming out with new stuff...but admittedly only 3 of my singlets i previously bought fit need to splash out (the problem with losing weight!!)

Monday, January 09, 2012

Good start to the week :)

Back at the gym today, worked this during the day then headed to the gym. Cycled for 10km, then did a 30 minute ab class and then 45 minute body combat class...burnt 810 calories so a great start to the week :) This morning i was 81.3 kilos. So at this stage...I am 4.3 kilos from the healthy weight range...and 9.3 kilos from my "ultimate" goal - i have settled on that at 72 kilos...once i get there ill reasses but i kinda think if i lose more then another 10 kilos...while i could prolly still lose a lil more im worried that anymore n ill just look like a skeleton wearing a outfit of skin thats 3 sizes too big LOL. I suspect at 72 kilos id be able to fit into medium sized flash dance pants from lorna jane...and size 12 that works for me. Ive never thought id get below size 12 in the jeans department so if i do make it to there i will be more then happy :) And i want to be there by march 23!

Work was hectic as crap today....ready for my day off on thursday already! LOL

Tomorrow after work I am training with fiona :) nice doing training sessions with her again! Last night i made a chicken, baby spinach, walnut, feta, blackberry, apple and celery salad ... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Tomorrow nite its a orange and mint chicken salad!! YUM YUM!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ahhhhh Rest day

im having a nice relaxing rest day today, washing is getting done and doing the first day of my menu plan :) So far so good...breakfast was a yummy 2 slices of toast with low fat cottage cheese (i forgot how yummy that is) i added some fresh chives and tomato...lunch was open burger....and dinner is a chicken salad made with walnuts, feta, celery, apple, baby spinach, blackberries and a dressing of olive oil and white balsamic vineger...looks yummy.

Yesterday as i mentioned i tested body pump...with super light weights and happy to say absolutely no back fact my back feels the best it has felt, dont think its the pump that helped with that so much but the fact it was my 5th day in a row of exercising ... my back is just much better when im moving around. Last nite i set a FB status update for every "like" i get ill walk/run/row or cycle 1km...its up to 117km think i will aim to cycle 8km most days this week and then walk 2kms....and then do my classes as per normal LOL. I have thursday and friday off this week....thursday going out to lunch with mum and thursday morning having a slim session so i can see where my body fat is at...on friday i have the resolution starts at the zoo which we get free entry into from 3pm so i think ill go early and walk around so i can get some extra kilometres in before the run. Nice only having to work 3 days before another couple of days of work lol then i only work saturday and sunday and have monday to wednesday off ;) (yep its a damn hard life!! lol)

The scales were down to 83 kilos this to get under 82 kilos by saturday i am on target for :) Pulled out my size large flashdance pants again today. The plain black ones fit but not quite loose enough to exercise in...the pink camoflauge ones are skin tight! think ill wait till im under 78 kilos before trying either of them on again!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

The scales were back up to 84 kilos this morning....i think my cycle is due in 4 days so not concerned. Gymmed it today :) Did a hour with Fiona...lots of cardio -rawr- and then we decided i would test out i did it with a total of 2.5 kilos on the back didnt hurt the entire class :)) i did feel my back tho in the bicep track but think that was fatigue more then anything...the side plank hurt my shoulder/neck but think maybe next time ill just do normal plank (which is what i did during the rest of the ab track - since i cant do crunches!) So even tho it wasnt a big calorie burn it certainly good to test it :) I then did body burnt a total of 1078 calories. So ive done a menu plan for the next week...lots of variety and some new recipes. I have set a challenge on facebook...basically for this one status for every "like" i get i need to either row, run, walk or cycle its up to 64kms i will be incorporating that in this weeks work out plan. So each day this week at the gym ill row for 10 minutes (most i can do at the moment) and walk/run where i can fit it in so this weeks exercise plan is something like this:

mon - abs class + body combat
tues - train with fiona (possibly)
wed - cycling
thurs - body balance
fri - body combat + resolution run

So plenty to do this coming week! Im setting the goal to get under 82 kilos by next saturday....big ask but i think with some of the changes im planning to put into place this week.. :)

Fiona told me a cute story today....she was at the lorna jane store i shop at. Anyway fiona was with sarah looking at a top and says "karyn bought this one" and the shop assistant overheard and said "yes karyn was in here yesterday" LOL she then tells fiona how out of the LJ book with the different weight loss stories that her husband said im his favourite .... LOL .... who knew! No wonder i get such good service there!! And of course Fiona was then able to say I was Karyns trainer ;) win-win all round lol

Friday, January 06, 2012

Good, good day!!!

So yesterday turned out to be a pretty damn good day :) I got an award at got 5000 wishlist points (which i can use to shop with - i have over 12000 now :)) Then i had a peek at Lorna Jane and saw they had new clothes in! So i spotted a singlet i like....and went there with the intention of ONLY buying that singlet LOL well they had a sale and had some tshirts reduced to $24 ... so i had a look at them...found two i liked...but they didnt have size SMALL so thought wonder if my bod can fit into a size XS (not expecting it would!) but it did!!! OMG amazzzzzzzzzzzzing (refer pics on previous post) admittedly i dont wear loose fitting tshirts as with my body shape i look smaller if i wear fitted i was super excited by that :)

Then went to the gym....and trained with Fiona for a hour :) tried to run but only lasted about 200 metres before my ankle played up :( so i then did the xtrainer. I havent used the xtrainer since my last PT session with fiona at the gym...which was back in early october LOL...omg was so hard and definitely was sweating doing all these random levels between 5 and 20. Then we did some ball exercises and LOTS of walking lunges while holding a viper weight above my head...she has gone thru a lot of exercises with me so i have lots of different exercises i can do by myself...mostly its all resistance stuff but instead of weights its using my body which works better with my back...fiona also showed me her own program (which is mostly ball work) which i can do lots more options and will be in there tonite to do a hour.

I was just in the kitchen at work and two of the managers were in there and one (who has been away from most of the time since last october) was have shrunk so much since october...and the other said over the last few months you have got so much smaller...and i realised while i have altho i dont notice it so much especially around the hips and stomach...i am still hovering around the same weight i 3 months ago. The scales did drop 100 grams this morning so down to 82.6...a bloody lot better then they were on saturday morning at 88.3 kilos! lol A 5.7 kilo since saturday is not bad at all :)

Oh and last night Fiona said when i get to goal we are going to go out for a meal and some cocktails! LOL theres an incentive :)

Not much else going on...have a good friday all!

Thursday, January 05, 2012


YES!!! Size XS from Lorna Jane for two tops tonite!!! So excited so i have done a lil pic update :)


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The fact I didnt have NYE plans has played on my mind. I havent gone out on NYE for years...but i didnt actually have one invite reality i shouldnt be too surprised. One of my goals 5 years ago was to have more of a social life....and if someone monitored my facebook they would think i would have plenty of friends...i get numerous messages every day but mostly they are questions relating to diet/exercise. its made me realise while i have lots of aquaintances...i do have different friends i catch up with on a semi regular basis...but no real close friends. No friends i go out with regularly...and dont get me wrong im not a huge party animal...a nite out for me is going out for dinner...or maybe to see a movie....not out at clubs or whatever. Part of the reason is i have walls up...i know i do...i keep people at a distance....i dont "chase" for friendships...i dont suggest plans or anything like that....mostly cos i dont think people would want to make plans with me....even tho people reading this prolly think "ur silly kazz" but its the way i think....even some of my friendships who are closer then others to me...i dont "believe" they honestly want to be friends with me...i think its out of sympathy...or im gonna wake up one day and realise they dont want to be my friends. I think every now and then oh i should join pink sofa....or i should go over to sydney for weight watchers meet up etc etc....but then the closer the time comes for these things....i realise i dont wanna do them....maybe its not i dont wanna...but im too scared to go thru...cos i just dont have that belief that someone would want to spend time with me...i know its not logical in some ways...but its the way my brain (maybe the 170 kilos brain ) works.

The scales were up by 100 grams this morning so back at 83.2 was good today and i burnt 860 calories. Ran up 14 flights of stairs, did some weight stuff and then a freestyle cycle class....damn hadnt done that class in ages...killed my legs...but so far ive burnt 1764 calories so im very happy with that!! I booked in a slim session next week...mostly just to check my body fat which was 31% 3 or so months whilst im around the same weight will be interesting to see what my body fat % is :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Amazing how one visit to the gym and i feel back in the zone :) This morning the scales were down to 83.1 ive dropped 5.2 kilos since saturday...obviously all fluid...but im very glad to see it dropping (lets face it, it jumped up high quick too! Went to the gym tonite..used the foam roller on my back....then did 10 pushups with my feet up on a bench, 50 tricep dips and 12 assisted pullups...and all of them i did non stop :) I then walked on the treadmil for 10 minutes and then did a RPM class...its stinking hot here at the moment (35.9 today) so i think the heat is getting the calories burnt higher then i hadnt done a cycle class since november! The class was rather good cos she did lots of shoulder rolls and back stretches thruout the i think that i may have to try and slot that in as a permanant class on tuesdays. Gym tomorrow nite too...its suppose to be cooler so ill definitely do the stairs and then do a freestyle cycle class..hopefully get a nice calorie burn again

Monday, January 02, 2012

Today I didnt work...just getting over the remainder of this sunstroke/migraine. Trying to eat 1200 cals the last few days i have decided is just not for me. So i have decided to do 1450 cals a day. I know ive registered for 12wbt but i think ill still do 1450 cals...for a variety of reasons...i just dont think i NEED to cut my cals back that much...ive always taken the philosophy to eat as much as i can while maintaining losses. 1450 calories should have me losing about half a kilo a week. Then throw my cals i burn on top of that...and whilst i know the 12wbt is all about only eating 1200 cals...thru and thru im a jillian michaels girl and her suggestion for losing the last 10 kilos or so is to only have a daily deficity of a 500-700 cals per day (700 cals being the maximum) this just seems a lil bit healthier and more doable to me. And whilst i will still follow the 12wbt meal plans i will add a extra 250 cals per day (unless im not losing) im keener to lose slower and make sure i have the calories to sustain my workouts as well as to maximise the different nutrients going into my body. This is for lifetime for me...not just 12 weeks and i know my body and my headspace...after doing this for 5 years...and think this is the right route to me. I also wont be doing any of the "social" stuff with 12wbt...i wont go to the end of year party...or group workouts...i know how i work best...thats adapting things to me...and im much better working out by myself. I thought maybe i could do the group thing...but the more i think about it the more i realise its not for me.

The scales this morning were 84.5 kilos so they have dropped by 3.8 kilos since saturday (hows that for fluid retention!)Back to the gym tomorrow...hopefully its not too hot in the stairwell at the gym and i can do 21 flights of the stairs...maybe run 1km (see how i feel after the stairs) then some pushups and pullups that i got the okay from fiona to do :) If i feel really energetic i mite then do RPM ill see how hot it is in the aim will be to burn 700 calories and as i said eat 1450 calories. I did go thru the crunchtime recipe book...pulled out different recipes to try so thats going to be another focus...eating different foods.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

The start of 2012

Well its new year eves was pathetic LOL As i said yesterday i was out in the sun and burny 1724 cals...well appears i got a bit of yesterday evening i couldnt handle the light from anything being on and had a pounding headache and was 8.30pm i was out of it and slept for nearly 12 hours ;) When i woke up i felt better but my head is still took some coedine slept some more and does seem improved this afternoon.

So i did get on the scales again and they were 86.2 kilos -eek! Admittedly yesterday they were 88.3 kilos so im starting to make inroads. The last 3 weeks has really highlighted to me no matter how much weight i lose i will always battle these food addictions and those psychological attachments to feeling good i have with food will prolly always exist and its all part of that goal of mine of getting things in moderation and with a healthier relationship food :) Apart from a better food relationship my goals for the year is to get back to training 100%, losing another 14-18 kilos...and fitting in to the medium sized lorna jane flashdance pants so they are loose enough to wear when training.

Food was spot on yesterday and so far today its good as well. Today cos im not 100% and i need to get all better for work tomorrow im not exercising today...hopefully tomorrow ill be okay to exercise....cos of course as well as the sunstroke several days now without diet coke so the headache could be related to that as well!

Fiona did talk to my normal physio about my back...been told no crunches....that i can do the boxing class but no punching at bags just "shadow boxing" as ill look like a dork lol but at least i can get back to it in some form. So back to the gym on tuesday and back into things as much as i can (still no body pump of course) altho right at the moment the big focus is on this run on jan 13!

Have a fab new years everyone!!