Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank you.

I wanted to firstly say thank you for all the supportive comments i got on my journal and facebook following my post on the excess skin issue. I went to bed wondering why other peoples opinions were getting to me so much...and why i was so sensitive about this subject. I realise tho - the perfectionist on me sees the excess skin as a "failure" and people shoving down my throat what they think just kind of hammers it into me a lil bit more that i failed. I know realistically i have done a great job with my weight loss...i know i did the right things and eat mostly clean and exercise and do weight work....but i guess i feel i "failed" because i am not one of the people whose skin bounced back. But as i said last is what it is...and the excess skin is a lot better deal then dealing with being obese!!!!

Anyway onto other stuff....the scales are looking good tonight!!! im a lil excited about jumping on them in the morning ;)

I had today off....and spent the day at rare for me to be able to spend the entire day at home...but was so nice...washing got got done and i got plenty of time to relax :) I have the next two days off too - YAY :) Tomorrow nite i am training with Fiona...during the day no real plans...i could go to the gym during the day as well but i prolly wont lol...instead ill get some more stuff done around the house....and relax some planning to try and start doing some overtime over the next few weeks to help cash me up for Sydney in will make the most of the relaxation whilst i can.

Photos were uploaded from the resolution run on friday i have uploaded a few for you all to view :)


Jackie said...

Way to go, you have come so far what an amazing inspiration you are to many....Have an awesome day :)

Pinky said...

Great photos! Good luck with the morning weigh in!