Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Once at goal...

This morning the scales said 79.1 kilos :) 91.8 kilos lost....wow wow wow!!! So happy!!! So i have 2.1 kilos to get to the healthy weight range. Im aiming for a goal weight of 72 kilos which i want to reach by 23/3/12....and im quietly confident of doing that. I think 72 kilos will probably be a good weight for me to sit at....once i get there i may try and lose another 4 kilos...but i somehow think 72 kilos may be where i settle.

Getting so close to goal brings something to the forefront which has been in the back of my mind for quite a while. I have been at this weight loss gig for 5.5 years...its been a huge goal....everything i have done has pretty much been about what the scales will say the next day/week. What I ate ... whether i socialised....going to the gym....getting enough sleep at night....and always at the end of it was the scales...or whether my clothes were getting looser etc. One thing this journey has made me realise is i need goals in my life....if i have a goal...i focus and work towards it....so my brain is now like...wtf will my next goal be??? Will it be....to focus on getting a social life...to travel....to simply live my life more....i have said for a long time id like to study to be a personal trainer...id still like too...but i know getting well paying jobs in the fitness industry is hard (and yes its not all about money its about enjoying your job....but i obviously have bills that would need to be paid!)...to be a personal trainer you need to be able to show the different exercises and be able to show them properly....i can't LOL things like pushups...burpees for example....i always thought when i got smaller id be able to do these things "properly" but i still can't lol....and i highly doubt ill ever truly be able too...the other thing is i dont have a great record when it comes to studying....its a lot of money to spend....if im going to get half way thru and then give up.

So if i dont study to be a personal trainer...what goals in life (not necessarily a career) am i going to go for? I know a lot of people get to goal then they get into marathon running, or cycling or triathlons or whatever....they will never be for me.

Yes i would like to get into motivational speaking and my new site is being worked on which will hopefully lead me to being able overtime to help people with their weight loss battles...but that will all take time.

If i decide to try to travel...well its expensive when your single...id love to go on a cruise...but going by myself i dont think id enjoy...going to somewhere like bali or fiji i dont think id feel safe by myself....(and ive discussed the whole lack of friends thing recently) so bottom line...yep ill be at goal within a few months....but then what the hell to do next!!


AntsM said...

Motivational Speaking sounds like you!!! You motivate us lot and that's just by typing what you think.
Whatever you choose you will be great at it, you are committed, determined & strong Karyn:)

You must be the change you wish to see in the world - Gandhi

Jackie said...

My friend went on a cruise by herself, she had a ball..... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kazz, don't forget (and this is speaking from experience!) that keeping it off is a battle in itself. You will never be able to 'relax' again. No one ever really tells you, but the 12 months after you hit goal are crucial. It's learning a new way of eating all over again, while becoming less reliant on the scales (unless you want to weigh yourself daily for the rest of your life). The good thing is that after losing so much weight your body does keep shrinking for a bit after you hit goal :)

20 to go! said...

Yeah - cruises need personal trainers and motivational speakers you know. Maybe you can double up? And you will definitely improve your social life at the same time!