Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So big lesson last nite....on hot days i think i need a extra snack right before i work out and maybe some extra water. Had a dizzy spell last nite that didnt completely go away whilst exercising. It was whilst doing the xtrainer i started to get it...but when climbing stairs it got significantly worse. But lesson learnt :) Whilst i was talking about goals yesterday (and yes i realise maintenance will be a big goal)....i wasnt thinking about the fact i want to do the eureka tower climb in Melbourne in november. Its 90 flights of stairs lol and is in the top 10 stair climbs in the world (more stairs then the empire state building) so i really need to start working towards that NOW. I basically need to work up to "9 lots" of the stairwell at the gym....which is 63 flights of stairs and equals the same number of stairs. Last october i had built up to "5 lots" so 35 basically its 10 months to work towards it...completely doable.

This morning the scales dropped by 100 grams this morning so down to 79 kilos, wooot woooo getting awfully close to 77 kilos....i may just be in the "healthy weight range" when 12wbt starts....definitely 1200 calories works for me after the last 6 months of last year sitting around 83 kilos....its nice to finally see some results. When i wore my XL flashdance pants last nite i noticed they are definitely sitting looser and longer on me. I reckon by the time i get to 77 kilos i will be able to wear my L size flashdance pants and be getting close enough to train in them. Im even starting to think about come september i am having a week off....and i think ill take a holiday (am also going to sydney in April for 4 days)...nowhere overly expensive...either gold coast and brisbane or possibly a week in bali or fiji since the prices for asia seem to have dropped so much...will wait and see closer to the time before i make any real decisions.

Anyway...have a good wednesday all!! :)

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