Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enjoying the journey.

Something I learnt when I started training with Fiona was that I always was more successful when i "enjoyed the journey". You are prolly reading that thing WTF!?! who enjoys dieting and exercise? Food is food...regardless what diet/eating plan you are doing...try different foods....try different recipes. Discovering new foods that you enjoy, stepping out of your comfort zone and not eating the same foods all the time will enable you to make new discoveries. When you don't look at it is as chore...when its important to you and you feel like you are accomplishing something...the self satisfaction you will encounter will enable you to enjoy it. Accomplishing doesnt mean just a number on the scales....its that feeling at the end of the night were you feel proud cos you had a good eating day...its discoverring a new food and thinking "how will i incorporate that into my cooking?"...its the clothes getting looser...its the self pride you feel for knowing you are doing your best to become the best you, you can be.

Im not a exercise how do I enjoy that part of the journey? Good question! LOL Actually the answer is about self pride again...when i walk out of the gym and know i tried my hardest....when i do something at the gym that 6 months i couldnt do...when i look in the mirror and see the changes...self pride equals happiness (in my eyes anyway)

Don't look at exercise or nutrition as torture...or a chore...cos if you do...then thats what it becomes.

When we take control we empower ourselves and with that comes the pride. Think back to when you werent on this weight loss journey...did you feel pride? Did you feel happiness? In relation to how you felt about yourself probably not. Certainly other parts of your life may have been great but the "internal you" most likely wasnt feeling great. And thats why when we take control even just that first step we feel that lil bit better about ourselves....and other time with each step we feel happier and happier. For me i have now got a place where i feel internally there is a "lightness" to not filled with doom and gloom that holds me back and makes me unhappy....yes life isnt perfect just cos i have lost weight....but there is a part of my life that is happier...and that makes dealing with life as a whole easier. It truly just gives you a appreciation for how good life can truly be :)


20 to go! said...

I lurve the journey too! Actually, sometimes I think I sabotage myself because I don't want it to end!

~Whirlsie~ said...

What a great post! This is something I need to do, I find it so hard not to look at the big picture... And I start to stress if I do