Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weigh in :)

Three days with no post! Bad bad kazz ;) Weighed in this morning was sitting at 79.1 have lost 1.9 kilos this week....3.9 kilos in the last 2 think sitting around 1220 cals per day is definitely working (YAY) So getting to 78 kilos by 13 feb and 72 kilos by 23rd march is all on track :))

Ive decided to go to Sydney in April and filex (fitness industry 3 day convention) booked the flights thursday i need to save for accomodation and the cost of the convention. So thursday and friday i did overtime...and this week im doing overtime 4 days...then i should pretty much have paid either the accomodation or filex :) I then wont do overtime for a few weeks...but i will do it again when we are on the late starts again (starting 1-2 hours earlier doesnt affect my gym time) I wont have much free time while there but im certainly looking forward to the trip...and wrapped that i dont have to worry about fitting into airplane seats!

I finally got into my "Large" size black flashdance pants....super excited to make some progress there....the camoflague ones are still too tight....maybe when i get to 77 kilos they will fit me. Not much else to say...i havent even been to the gym! LOL slack arse i am....but back there monday class...but will do some stairs and xtrainer and maybe practice some of the dreaded fitball stuff fiona wants me practicing (im so not a lover of the fitball!)


AntsM said...

Great work Karyn!!! Hey the camo flashies are a tighter weave than the normal ones :) you're getting there every day.
I'm jealous of your commitment & motivation. I have 10kgs to shed and have been procrastinating; all be it that I have lost 2 kgs and have kept it off!!
This week though, I have been up at 6am, walking the dog and then cycle to work!! I think you're finally getting to me I just needed you to get me kick started!!!
Keep inspiring us!!!! :)

Pinky said...

Congrats on the weigh in!