Sunday, January 22, 2012


Added some frequently asked questions on the right hand side for anyone interested :)


Lynn said...

WOW....just stumbled on your site and I must say you have done an amazing job! Congrats on all your success!

BEC2012 said...

Hi Kazz.
Great read!!! Thank you for your honesty. You're a calorie counter yeah? Can I ask how many calories you're on and whether you eat any of your exercise calories back?

kazz said...

Bec - yes I am a cal counter. When I was over 100 kilos I ate 1800 as I'm so close to goal I eat around 1200-1280.....only really ever eat any back if I've burnt over 1000 cals (only do this usually on Saturdays) n have dinner plans that nite....I mite eat 400 or so of them but day to day I don't :)

Cujo said...

Kazz - thanks for the FAQs. I really enjoy the way you write - very frank, honest and to the point.

I have only just begun my transformation and am finding your transformation, of mind and body, particularly inspiring.