Monday, January 23, 2012


So task 3 for 12WBT is goal here we i prolly should preface this by saying ive decided after chatting to fiona to do the lean & strong program...i will be within 5 kilos of goal...and as i am constantly battling these foot issues a focus on cardio is prolly not im prolly close to that point where its time to focus on strength stuff.

So at the end of the 12WBT (mid may):

- so as i plan to be between 77 and 78 kilos at the start of 12WBT i want to at least reach 72 kilos...which would mean a loss of 500 grams per week...but the "dream" would be to get down to 68 kilos ... which would mean a loss of 830 grams per week (that is actually doable I feel)
- to fit into a pair of black LJ flashdance pants size medium
- to fit into a pair of LJ camoflague pants size medium
- to fit into a pair of size 10 jeans (from jeanswest)
- to do one pull up (unassisted)
- to be back to boxing classes
- to be able to do 10 full & low pushups

At the end of 12 months:

- to still be maintaining my weight in the healthy weight range
- to have completed the eureka stair climb (92 flights)
- to be working towards my goals of "giving back"
- to be able to do 10 full proper burpees
- to be able to do 10 full proper tricep dips


dhits77 - said...

Hi Karyn, well done on setting such SMART goals! Compared to my list of goals, yours are fantastic in that they are so detailed. And I may follow you suit so am working now to revise mine. Instead of just saying "run a half marathon" I also want to include some non cardio milestones... including some eating and mindset goals. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Pinky said...

Great goals!

AntsM said...

Your so focussed!!!! Amazing!!!
Keep going girl, you're nearly there :)

Girlwithgoals said...

Awesome goals!

Tania said...

OMG ... 68 is such a tiny number and yet you're so damn close, well done mate! Very achievable goals.