Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ahhhh those scales....

Im expecting the scales to be up in the morning. Not cos i have eaten anything wrong. This morning i was still 78.9 kilos but tonight i noticed the scales are higher then i would like. Its not that I have eaten anything wrong...think its just other stuff going on. For the last week i have been doing overtime most days plus i only had sunday off last weekend not a whole 2 days off...im too tired with the overtime to get to the gym as well...so im just trying to get thru to this weekend...3 days left and then its done. Ill have the money for the accomodation for Sydney...all ive got left to save for then is the filex convention...all doable! But no more overtime for a while after this week its too friggin hard with my other goals in life. So this week ive only exercised once...and i prolly wont exercise till saturday morning. Also the weather has been warm...so while im sleeping okay...prolly not as well as usual...and possibly ive got some fluid retention. So my aim is to get to the end of the week...and get back on track exercise wise as off saturday. Ive still been eating 1200-1280 calories...but i need to get the exercise going too.

My focus the next few months will be focusing on upper strength so i can reach that goal on a unassisted chin up by the end of 12WBT...will be interesting to see how my body changes over the next few months seeing as im doing lean and strong and focusing on the upper strength. Think i will take some close up shots of my back and upper chest...flexing to see the changes LOL

Not much else going on...short, sharp, shiny update today!

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