Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Disaster!!!

yesterday was a disaster A EATING DISASTER!!! And i could use every excuse under the motivation from not exercising, tired blah blah....but the reality was i was just a big ass and lost focus! Never up this morning...was 82.8 kilos on the scales :( Have stuck to 1200 calories today. And before each can of diet coke (I had 3) I drank 600 mls of water before each can of going to focus on keeping that up.

I have one hour of overtime to do in the morning and then its DONE! weeee!!! Cannot wait for 5.30pm tomorrow when its done...this has been the longest freaking week! And now the focus wont be on doing focus will be back to where it should be...the gym and getting to goal :) So tomorrow nite i will gym it..and wont be leaving the gym till ive burnt 600 calories...ill do the same as i did monday nite...21 flights of stairs....then the xtrainer followed by walking on the treadmill on a incline...mite even venture and do some light rowing (need to be cautious cos of my back)

Looking forward to the weekend....Gym saturday morning...out for dinner with Martine saturday nite and then getting this house organised ... its been rather neglected lately! Ive been working, eating, sleeping and thats about it! In the last 10 days ive only worked out twice...need to get back onto that!


Tania said...

Well done on turning a bad day around so quickly!

IndigoMumma said...

Well done on taking a negative and turning it back around :)

Pinky said...

THose bad days are a killer aren't they!
But you are great at reckonising them and sorting it out!