Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fab day :)

Well yesterday i had gastro :( Each time i ate i was running to the loo...wasnt a whole heck of fun! But i did have a sizeable loss overnight and back under 80 kilos (the benefits of gastro? lol)

But im much better today....did have a lil dizzy spell in the shower this morning but that may have been that the shower was too hot (seem to be having a few dizzy spells lately...ack! Which i am contributing to being sick/heat)

Today i gymmed it. Trained with fiona. A bunch of weight/resistance exercise with 1000 jumps of the skipping rope!! Then i did a hour of body pump and a hour of body balance. I dont really like the latest release of body pump but we did older releases today which i loved!! LOVED!!! I realised today I need bloomin new gym shoes! ack!! I was going to book the hotel this week for Sydney but that now have to wait a couple of esecially considering how my foot has been playing up its time for a visit to athletes foot this weekend!! After the gym i picked up michelle bridges new cookbook...tomorrow i will sit down and do some menu planning for the coming week! (i want to be down to 78.5 kilos by next saturday) I then went to rebel sport...while i LOVE LJ becoming a bit of fan of running bare...i like the cut of their clothes....and rebel sport often has them got a singlet i saw a few weeks ago and yep on special :) $15 its pink with green writing and says on it "its a girl thing" hehe love it....there was also one that said "girls girls girls" but thought that might sound like i was offering myself up for a date at the gym LOL and the bigger bonus is size 10 fits me perfectly.

Tonight out for dinner with martine. Burnt 1724 calories today, so really dont have to stress about the meal...bruschetta and a main of my choice :)

Thinking tomorrow the DOMs will kick in....i certainly was feeling my arms after fionas session in pump...which is crazy considering i only had 2.5 kilos on each end of the bar! LOL Today was really the first day of us focusing on upper body work so i can reach that goal of doing one unassisted pushup...think someone is going to have more definition in her shoulders/chest/back in a few months time!!! -rawr-

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Chris H said...

Sorry you were sick... can't have been fun.
I hope the dinner with Martine was nice... she's lovely!