Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well last nite was yummy food and great company!!! Had bruschetta and a pasta dish followed by a hot chocolate....we musta enjoyed ourselves since it was after 11pm getting in from dinner LOL

Today i have filled the fridge up with vegies and i am RATHER freaking sore!! LOL pretty much every body part except my calves LOL....and lifting my arms above my head is close to impossible ... poor me hehe ;) musta been one good workout!! So i have sat down and worked out my exercise plan this week...the annoying thing about this bloody back of mine these days is monday nights the only real classes is boxing and combat which i cant do at the have to do my own workouts on mondays (hello stair climbing!)...

mon - cardio till i reach 620 cals.
tues - training with Fiona
wed - cycling class
thurs - hour of cardio + body balance
fri - body pump
sat - training with fiona + body pump + body balance

Unexpectedly going out for dinner tonite...was going to have a 290 calorie home made pizza....instead ill have a greek lamb salad....i reckon it prolly increases my calories by 100 cals so no huge drama :)

I had opened my facebook group for questions again today (think i might make this a monthly thing) so i have a few questions to add to the FAQ that will be updated with the new questions soon :)

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