Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Well on December 31 i started eating 1200 calories....the first two weeks i lost 3.9 kilos....ive now put that all back on. I have been eating 1200 cals (except days like saturday when going out for dinner...but id burnt 1724 cals that day) so i think ive come to the conclusion 1200 cals doesnt work for me. I have been thinking i wasnt losing on 1400 calories....but what i have forgotten is over the last few months i have increased from 2-4 days per week to 5-6 days per week (except today when i spat it! LOL) So i went back to Jillians calculations i use to use....with my exercise lose half a kilo a week....i could eat 1703 calories a day...of course as well if i am wanting to lean up more with have to "feed the muscle" The other thing as I have thought about it I never use to eat carbs at ive been doing numerous michelle bridges meals...(like her pizzas, thai chicken burgers etc) when i think about it now....saturday - wednesday night....carbs every friggin night!!!! DUH!!! Dont get me wrong i dont avoid carbs....only at dinner i have weetbix for b/fast....sandwich at i dont do no carbs....just never found it works for me at night. So back to my meat and vegies with some feta cheese for dinner. I think its prolly also time to cut out the chocolate and diet coke :( Much to my disgust LOL. I didnt drink as much today...only 2 cans which unbelievably is a i wanna give it a try for a carbs at night except saturday night (which was always my rule) ..... no diet coke and no chocolate....and stick to the calorie cycling of 1485 calories...with the aim to lose 500 grams from whatever weight i am tomorrow morning. I stepped on the scales earlier....they werent looking good so suspect a gain in the morning. If I still am not losing ill try a week at 1700 cals...but i wont jump the gun to that just yet either.

The other thing is i want to focus a lil more on getting more protein in to "feed the muscle" as i ill try and have a protein shake each day....and back to having my tahini or peanut butter with my banana. So i think a lil more focus on the quality of foods im eating...while i do eat mostly clean etc when only eating 1200 cals...i tend to avoid eating those good foods like avocado, tahini, peanut butter, and protein shakes :) im just hoping these changes work....getting up every day and seeing the scales increase is really doing my head in...if they plateaud out id prolly understand but gaining is bizarre! And ive never really done that in the past ... so we will see what happens. Fingers crossed.

I know also partly i have a lil bit of stress going on in my head....i dont tend to lose when that im purposely trying to relax tonite...and hoping for a good sleep tonight (didnt sleep well last nite)

Tomorrow off to the gym....some cardio and then body balance.

I am suspecting ive hurt my achilles again too (I swear my body is falling apart) its not sore but i was feeling tightness in it while sitting at my desk at work today....weird too cos its my good foot...ill do my stretches tonite tho....

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