Friday, February 03, 2012

Finally the scales dropped...

Well the scales dropped this morning :) Not a big drop...just 300 grams...but it wasnt a gain! And thats what is important...i was really starting to wonder if i had a medical thing going on like my liver crapping itself or something (when bigger my liver was very poorly) But ate 1400 cals and it went im eating 1200 cals. The differences was i had no diet coke and no chocolate (day 2 of neither of them)...and i cut out the carbs at night...cant believe i had started eating them every night again...eek!!

Ever since i hurt my back ive not got back into the gym properly...i go a few days...then skip a few days....i really need to knuckle down. Part of the problem is i cant do boxing or combat classes anymore cos it hurts my back...monday nights the only classes on at the gym is boxing, combat and a abs class...which means i cant do any of those classes (well i can do the abs class but half of it is crunches which i am not suppose to be doing)...tuesday and saturdays i tend to work out with fiona...which is fine. I need to get my act together and make cycle on wednesday nights and pump on friday nights. So monday and thursday nights i really need to do my "own" stuff (which im not very motivated to do!) I need to just committ and get my ass into gear!!

Bought some new gym shoes balance ones...purple and green ones "very fresh" ones lol and nice new will give them a work out tomorrow at the gym :)

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20 to go! said...

Yeah - that scale drop feels good doesn't it. My feet are getting smaller too - so wierd!