Saturday, February 04, 2012

Gym day...

Another saturday, another gym day lol :) Trained with Fiona this morning...we have been doing a exercise where you sit on a exercise ball...then place both your feet on another fit ball...and then remove hands from the fitball and then balance LOL...i actually managed to do it longer then fiona this morning ;) im convinced it had to do with the grip on my new shoes lol but still...and actually managed to get down to 44 kilos on the assisted pull up machine :) Then did body pump and then body balance. Fiona "gifted" me today...gave me a gym exercise now i have two to practice with at home and also some "body composition scales"...they weighed me about 400 grams higher then mine...they measured the kilos in muscle i am which was 52 kilos (i weigh 81.4 kilos), they also measure visceral fat...1-12 is the healthy range, 13-59 is in the unhealthy range...and mine was 6 :)that is pretty impressive in my books....ill weigh myself tomorrow morning and then keep track of them in the mornings.

the good news tho was the scales dropped again! was 81.5 kilos on my scales this dropped 700 grams...1 kilo in the last two days *phew*...the funny thing i noticed today is my flashdance pants are obviously getting looser around my waist...they keep falling down below the top of my undies...half of the gym is prolly aware now i wear bonds knickers lol I just checked my waist and it isnt any maybe the top of my hip area has changed shape a lil or reduced...i dont measure there so not sure.

And here is my tentative workout routine for this week:

m - physio + 45 mins cardio (unless im too sore)
t - swiss ball + studio cycle + pump
w - studio cycle + 60 mins cardio
t - train with fiona
f - 60 mins cardio + pump
s - train with fiona + pump + balance

My sessions with fiona may change but this is a tentative schedule....only one i may not do is pump on tuesday nights...its sometimes hard to get a spot in the room so will play that one by ear.

Food has been good today...a high calorie day....1800 chocolate again (yay me!) dinner will be a yiros. And ive eaten pretty much all whole foods (only a muesli bar wasnt...its a carmens one...which the only thing besides nuts and seeds is some rice syrup which i know is not great....but not the worse option either.

Day 3 of no diet coke is going good...altho i do wish i could drink something with bloomin flavour! (apart from things like lemon etc) no headache so far but ive been taking painkillers twice a day to avoid any far so good :)

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