Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Something needs to change...

I really need to make some changes...Im not sure how I am going to make them but i need too. Heres the issue....before fiona left the gym...i was doing PT 3 times a week...back them i was doing a slim session once a week as well. Since then i dont have that "committment" for the gym. I have a lousy 8 kilos left to lose...since september of last year i have lost a grand total of 3 kilos...i put on...then i lose...then put on....then lose...and to be perfectly honest im not really accomplishing a lot...even fitness wise im not really doing things i couldnt do 3 months ago. Yes the scales are maintaining...but yanno you combine fiona leaving (altho that said currently i am still working out with her twice a week), the slim sessions not working out, hurting my back...even tho im back at the gym i cant do boxing classes or combat classes...my joints cant handle body attack...ive got no coordination when it comes to step...it leaves me a whole 3 classes to do pump, cycling and balance. Now i do enjoy all 3 of those classes...but they arent on every day and well bottom line i really am a lazy ass! 12WBT starts on monday and i will at least have her workouts...i really suck at working by myself whilst classes i do good with and why they suit me so much better!! I really need to commit and get in a routine. I really have no routine at the moment. Before my back injury...mondays was a big exercise day...Monday night is boxing, combat and abs classes...i really cant do any of them at the moment cos of my back ..... pisses me off quite frankly lol...UGH...there is a RPM class but i really dont like to stay at the gym as late as 7.30pm. So as I said something needs to change....i just dont bloody know what yet!

Foodwise things mostly are going good. I have cut out the diet coke (im on day 6 of no diet coke)...and been having blended juices this week...2 so far...so all is good in that sense...altho i did go over calories today...eek! This morning i was spot on 80 kilos....so we will wait and see what happens in the morning!


Pinky said...

Impressed on the diet coke! - I have to have a least one a day so not quite ready to eliminate yet!
Good luck with the changes and congrats on being so close to goal!

Lucy said...

you're an inspiration! keep at it :)

well done to you. be proud of your achievements - you deserve every sucess.