Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update :)

I have been quite absent from my journal this week! I havent been off track....ive actually been doing soooooooo good :) But there is something going on in the background that im waiting to be sorted out...once it does...i know things will be close to pretty damn perfect!

So i am now on Day 10 of no diet coke....quite amazed how easy i have found it. Numerous days i have incorporated a skim hot chocolate so im still getting to drink something with taste in it. Combine the no diet coke with the fact i had blended up fruit drinks juices) 4 days this week....i think both helped the scales :)

12WBT starts doing it all except her menu plans. 1200 just doesnt work for me and my eating is going no point messing it up...i know what works for me. But definitely doing all the doing advanced level of everything except the cardio stuff (due to my foot playing up) so that i will be doing at intermediate level. I did the pushups part of the fitness test last nite....33 pushups in one minute...go me :)

So the scales this morning were 79.2 goal was to be 78 kilos by the start of not gonna be there by monday....but i shouldnt be far off im still happy about that!

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Pinky said...

Awesome news! Glad to hear you are going great!